Add Margin

Add Margin

Add Margin allows users to edit & control the distance of the content from the top, bottom, left & right edges of the document.

Setting the margin for a document

Step 1: Click on the “Add Margin” button in the 2nd row of the Editing Tools

Step 2: Set the dimension of Margin and click on OK.

The default dimension of margin is as below

a. Top: 62 (px)
b. Bottom: 62 (px)
c. Left: 48 (px)
d. Right: 48 (px)

By pressing “Reset to default”, the margin dimension will be set to default values
Margin settings are applied uniformly to all pages of the final pdf.
The distance of the margin is calculated in pixels 

Editing Margin Dimensions

Step 1: Click on the “Add Margin” button in the 2nd row of the Editing Tools

Step 2: Set the new dimensions for Margin and click on OK

Note: Margin settings for the 1.) Header, 2.) Footer, & 3.) Main body work independently

Margin Preview 

Below is how the margin dimension effects the content in the document:

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