Shows you the documents for which all parties have eSigned.

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    • How to complete a document manually

      A “Sent” document (that is partially signed) can be manually completed to create an audit trail that has all the details of the signer/reviewer from initiating the document till the latest sign/review. If the document has been sent to the signers and ...
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      Before you proceed with this Knowledge Base, an important point to note – several of the processes and steps here can be fully automated and integrated within your own application through our APIs ( Therefore, if you are ...
    • Security

      The security tab allows you to configure certain safeguards for your signing invitations/documents. In case a security setting is turned on it will be enforced upon all the documents created via new document flow and Workflow creation. If the ...
    • Post-signing document management

      After the document is signed by all parties, you can view the same in the ‘Completed’ folder, under ‘My Documents’ section of the Work Station. Double click the agreement to see comprehensive information about the document’s journey:
    • Require invitee to upload supporting documents

      By enabling the option “Require invitee to upload supporting documents” you can request the signer/reviewer to upload documents while signing/reviewing the document. The name of the document has to be provided for every document that is added to the ...