Document Settings

Document Settings

Document settings allow you to manage configurations that will apply universally across documents that you send or receive for eSigning. Currently, Leegality offers three different settings:

Enforce Invitation expiry days

This setting allows you to specify the number of days that you want your eSign invitation to be valid for. The maximum period is 30 days. After the expiry of the days stipulated, the Invitation to eSign that you have sent to other parties will expire. The party to which you have sent the invitation will not be able to access the document after such expiry and the invitation will need to be re-activated.

Auto-Save all invitations

By default, you will receive an invitation to eSign in your e-mail inbox. This toggle button allows you to instruct Leegality to auto-save all received invitations in the dashboard itself.

Disabling Notification to Recipients

By default, Leegality notifies you by email or by text upon completion of each step of the signing process (Signature Journey). Toggling this button will disable these e-mail notifications. This might be helpful where several documents are being eSigned daily and you don’t want to clutter your mail inbox.
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