Use the Documents Tab to set document related configurations for your Leegality account, to avoid manually configuring the settings for each document sent from/received in your account. 

From the Documents Tab, you can set the following configurations related to documents sent from/received in your account: 

  1. Expiry of invitations 

  2. Auto-save documents 

  3. Invitation reminders & notifications 


Leegality allows you to set an expiry timeline for eSign & review invitations.  Invitations cannot be eSigned & reviewed after the expiry timeline.  However, post expiry of invitations, the sender of the document may reactivate the invitation and set a new expiry timeline. 

Minimum, Maximum & Default Expiry

Leegality allows users to configure expiry timelines between 45 minutes to 365 days.  The default expiry timeline is 10 days if no configuration is set by the user. 

Configurations Available on Documents Tab

On the Documents Tab, you can set the following expiry timelines, which will be enforced on all documents sent from your Leegality account: 

  1. Expiry after 45 minutes of sending the document. We recommend choosing this option only for highly time sensitive documents.

  2. Expiry at the end of the day of sending the document.  For example, if a document is sent out at 4 pm on 1st January 2022, the document will expire at 00:00 on 2nd January 2022.

  3. Expiry at the end of a custom number of days after sending the document.  Here, you can enter the number of days that you want as per your requirement. 

    Note that the number of days are calculated from the next day onwards at midnight.  For example, if a document is sent out at 4 pm on 1st January 2022, and expiry is set as 2 days, the document will expire at 00:00 on 4th January 2022. 

  4. Disable enforcement of a fixed expiry timeline.  We recommend choosing this option if you have dynamic expiry timeline requirements. 

Note that if you have chosen options 1 to 3 above, you will not be able to customize the expiry timeline at the time of sending documents, without first visiting the Documents Tab and disabling expiry enforcement (see option 4).


Toggle functionality


The toggle to auto-save signed documents allows you to automatically save documents you received to eSign or review from other Leegality users, in your Leegality account on document completion. You can view saved documents from the “My Documents'' section of the “Home” Tab (Link).

Saving Documents

When you receive documents for eSigning or review from a Leegality user, they automatically appear in your Leegality account under the Received folder (Link).

However, after you eSign/review the document, the document will get saved in your Leegality account only if you expressly confirm your intent to save the document.  This intent to save the document can be manually confirmed after eSigning/reviewing each invitation, or by enabling the Auto-Save toggle under the Documents Tab. 


Use this toggle to enable/disable email & sms notifications sent to invitees for all documents sent from your Leegality account. 

Notifications are triggered for the following events: 

  1. Invitation to eSign/Review, including re-sent invitations 

  2. Reminder notifications before expiry 

  3. eSign/Review completion notifications

  4. Rejection notifications 

  5. Expiry notifications 

  6. Re-activation notifications 

  7. Document completion notifications 

  8. Deletion notifications 

We recommend enabling reminders & notifications, unless you have an API driven flow where you are managing notifications in-app or through your own notifications.

Points to note: 

  1. Document completion emails/SMS are always sent to invitees regardless of configurations set by the user, due to legal reasons.  However, document completion emails/SMS to the sender can be disabled.

  2. If you enable/disable the toggle, you will not be able to change the settings configured when you send out documents from your account, without first visiting the Documents Tab. 

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