The Selection Field allows you to present your user with a series of possible choices (drop-down) or options when they answer a question. E.g. Select your state/city/country, income group etc.

Create a selection field

To create a selection field:

  1. Click on the ‘Selection field’ button in the top-most row of the Editing Tools

  2. Enter the name of the dropdown placeholder in the ‘Dropdown name’ input box

  3. For each dropdown item,

    1. In the preview field, enter the value as you want it to appear to the user

    2. In the value field, enter the value as you want to be inserted in the document

  4. Click on ‘Add’

  5. After you have created your Dropdown options, you can

    1. Modify them

    2. Move them up or down

    3. Delete them

  6. You can also select the default value which appears when the user has not made any choice

More Options

  • ‘Allow multiple selections’: This will enable the user to select multiple options from the list using the ‘Control’ (for windows) and ‘Command’ (for mac) key which will appear in a comma separated format

Edit a dropbox

To change the properties of an already created Selection Field box:

  1. Right-click on the Selection Field created in the Display Area

  2. Click on ‘Selection Field Properties’ from the list 

  3. After the ‘Selection Field Properties’ properties pop-up window opens

    1. Make the change to any of the dropdown items

    2. Click on ‘Modify’ to save the change

  4. Click Ok


Preview and final output

Below is how the selection field looks in the draft and final stage respectively (both single and multiple select scenarios):


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