DSC Esign Frequent Issues

DSC Esign Frequent Issues

Error during installation

This error message appears while installing the Leegality DSC Utility - to prevent this error, install the application by running the setup as an administrator.

Signing Journey Errors

1.) Leegality DSC Utility is not installed or not running

This error message appears if the Leegality DSC utility application is not installed in the system or not running.

If the application is installed, please run the  Leegality DSC utility application as an administrator.

Once the application is started, the below message pop-ups on the screen.

Now, proceed with the signing of the document by clicking on retry or start the signing journey again.

2.) DSC Token Not Inserted OR Token Driver not running/installed

This error message appears when the DSC token (USB Dongle) is not connected to the system which is used for signing the document.

Please connect the DSC token to the USB port of your PC to proceed with the signing of the document.

3.) DSC Certificate is not shown in the certificate list

If the Signature Certificate is not shown while signing the document, please check if there are multiple instances of Leegality DSC utility is running in the background from the taskbar as shown below

Close all the currently running instances and run the application again.

Also, this error can be resolved by restarting the system and then try signing the document.

Other scenarios where the certificate might not appear are:
  1. The token driver is not running in the background - Each DSC token also has a token driver e.g. WD Proxkey, ePass 2003 which is used to access the Token data

    Make sure your Token driver is running while signing the document
  2. The certificate in the token has expired - A DSC token certificate typically has a validity of 1-3 years, if the validity of the certificate has expired then the same will not appear in the list of certificates for signing since Leegality only shows valid certificates for signing.

4.) Ports Not available

Leegality DSC Utility has 4 ports, if you are trying to run the DSC Leegality utility application more than 4 times, the above error message will be displayed.

Leegality DSC Utility uses 4 ports as below for running the application.

  1. 9800
  2. 3900
  3. 8009
  4. 2048

From the taskbar, you can view the application that is running in the background and you can quit or close the application by right-clicking on the icon

In some cases, information security teams block certain ports in your system and you might have to get them released in order for the Leegality DSC utility to use them.

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