DSC Token

DSC Token

A USB token-based DSC (containing the Digital Signature Certificate), can be used by you/counter party for eSigning. You can also use this to sign your documents in Bulk.


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    • DSC Token - Signing Journey

      Prerequisites for signing via Leegality using a DSC Token:- Leegality DSC Utility should be downloaded and running as administrator: Download link:  ...
    • Procedure for Bulk Sign using a DSC Token

      Download Leegality’s DSC client utility from https://gitlab.leegality.com/leegality-public/dsc-utility. This is a prerequisite to use Leegality’s Bulk Sign feature. Open received folder Click on the Bulk sign button. Note: Only received documents ...
    • Cloud DSC

      Introduction Cloud DSC is a way to apply IT Act compliant digital signatures, without having to possess a physical token that is necessary in traditional DSC based signing.  Users can simply complete a 100% online, one-time verification process, ...
    • Received

      This folder shows you all documents for which invitations to ‘eSign’ have been received by you but not signed by you yet. The received folders is where you initiate a BULK signature of upto 500 documents via a DSC Token.
    • Consumption History

      This is a detailed and comprehensive ledger of all eSign transactions and Subscription Balance.. Further, there are several configurations options, allowing you to specify the data that you want to see. When you purchase eSign credits, it will ...