DSC Token

DSC Token

A USB token-based DSC (containing the Digital Signature Certificate), can be used by you/counter party for eSigning. You can also use this to sign your documents in Bulk.


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    • DSC Token - Signing Journey

      Prerequisites for signing via Leegality using a DSC Token:- Leegality DSC Utility should be downloaded and running as administrator: Download link:  ...
    • Procedure for Bulk Sign using a DSC Token

      Download Leegality’s DSC client utility from https://gitlab.leegality.com/leegality-public/dsc-utility. This is a prerequisite to use Leegality’s Bulk Sign feature. Open received folder Click on the Bulk sign button. Note: Only received documents ...
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      Error during installation This error message appears while installing the Leegality DSC Utility - to prevent this error, install the application by running the setup as an administrator. Signing Journey Errors 1.) Leegality DSC Utility is not ...
    • Cloud DSC

      Cloud DSC is a way to apply IT Act-compliant digital signatures, without having to possess a physical token that is necessary for traditional DSC token-based signing. Users can simply complete a 100% online, one-time verification process, following ...
    • Received

      This folder shows you all documents for which invitations to ‘eSign’ have been received by you but not signed by you yet. The received folders is where you initiate a BULK signature of upto 500 documents via a DSC Token.