Extending the Use-by date of stamp papers in the Leegality dashboard

Extending the Use-by date of stamp papers in the Leegality dashboard

Stamp papers procured via Leegality have a default use-by date of 6 months from the date of purchase, after which the stamp papers are removed from the circulation of usable papers and move into the expired section.

Note: This is not a regulatory use-by date and is strictly a Leegality only policy that has no bearing on any legal context.

In order to facilitate the user to keep on using the stamp papers post 6 months of procurement, there is an “Extend Use-by date” option in the Leegality dashboard.

Steps for extending the expiry of Stamps 

1. On your Leegality homepage - Go to “Stamps” under “My drawer”

2. Identify the stamp Series that has expired stamps or where you want to extend/reduce the use-by date of stamps and click on the “Extend stamp use-by date” button in the “Action” column.

Note: You can also remove all the expired papers from the table by toggling on “Remove Expired Stamps”

3. Each row in the above table represents a unique combination of “Purchase Date” & “Expiry Date” and the number of papers (Quantity) falling into this combination.

4. Select the rows for which you want to extend the use-by date and enter the number of days you want to extend the use-by date by.

5. Click on “Extend Use-by date”

Things to note:

  1. The legal validity of stamps is governed by the respective state laws. Extension of expiry timelines on leegality will not result in the extension of validity from a legal perspective.”

  2. The expiry date of stamps can only be extended by the account admin.

  3. Use by date can be extended regardless of whether the stamp papers are expired or not.

  4. You can also reduce the use-by date by entering the number of days with a (-) before the number.

Additional Resources

You can also watch a video explaining the process of extending the use-by date of the stamp in detail here  Stamps Expiry

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