Geofencing is similar to creating a virtual barrier around a certain area. This fence designates the area we want to monitor, manage or control. In case of Leegality - Signing your clients documents within a designated area.

Setting  Up  Geofencing by the User on the Dashboard -

On the dashboard in the user account panel, Account > Department > Invitee Configuration > the admin has to Toggle on - “Enable restrictions based on GPS location and/or accuracy in the signing journey” and can mention a Default Permissible Radius (in meters) and Default Accuracy Threshold (i.e. accurate upto x meters). This will be the default coordinates set by the admin. 

Via New document flow

1. Create a new document, upload file / select template and proceed to the invite section of the sending journey.

2. Enable "Capture GPS Location" for invitees under the ‘invitee level options’ 

3. The default coordinates configured by the admin will be set. The sender can continue with these predefined settings  or add custom Accuracy and Lat-Long coordinates for each signer/reviewer.

4. Geofencing will:
- Capture the invitee's GPS location.
- Check if it is within the accuracy threshold, and/or within the permissible lat-long coordinates set by the sender.
- If it's within the set threshold, the journey continues as usual.

   - If it's outside the set threshold, the system offers the invitee to retry.

Note - In order to successfully capture a location, the accuracy allowed radius parameters should be set at a greater range (2000 - 4000 m instead of 1000 m). This is because location capture depends on the device (e.g., laptops/computers have poorer accuracy compared to mobile devices).

Via Workflows

1. One  can configure the Accuracy Threshold, Lat-Long and Permissible Radius while setting up the workflow journey. These will hence provide as the default geo fencing settings for the given workflow.

2. If the admin wants to allow user to make changes in the  workflow journey, they can toggle on -”Allow sender to make changes while running the workflow” or leave it blank for the user to fill in necessary details such as Accuracy Threshold, Lat-Long and Permissible Radius.


Post-Invite Results

Scenario A: Successful GPS Capture

The flow will continue to operate as it does now if the invitation was signed or evaluated and did not violate the location-based or accuracy-based constraints and the document will be signed successfully. 

Scenario B: Failed GPS Capture

Set configurations will be reviewed by the system and if there are any breaches  then the invitee will be allowed to retry the signing or reviewing attempt.

1.   If the accuracy-based restriction is broken, the message "Your GPS accuracy is low. Please check your device’s location service and try again.”appears.

2. If the location-based restriction is broken, the message "You are outside the permissible area. Please try again from a different location." will appear.

Note - If both restrictions are turned on for the invitee then the system first checks the accuracy threshold and only if it is a success, it will proceed for the location based verification. Both verifications need to be successful in order to complete the signing journey.