How to copy an ESign URL and resend an invite

How to copy an ESign URL and resend an invite

  • Copy URL will allow the sender to get the signing/reviewer URL from the Leegality dashboard in case the same needs to be shared with the signer in case of email/SMS non-receipt or when the URL needs to be shared across other platforms. 

  • Resend Notification functionality allows the sender to remind the signer/reviewer for signing/reviewing the document that was previously sent by sending the email/SMS notification again.

Steps for copying the URL and Resend Notification

1. On your Leegality homepage Go to the “Sent” folder under the “My documents” section.

2. Double-clicking on the required document will lead you to the details page.

Double click on the required document

Resend Notification

On the details page, click on the “Resend Notification” button in the invitee card to trigger an Email and/or SMS notification to the configured contacts.

“Note: The Resend Notification can only be used four times”

Copy URL

On the details page, click on the gear icon in the invitee card and click on “Copy URL” in the resulting dropdown.

The signing/reviewer URL for that invitee will now be copied to your clipboard and can be shared across any medium.

Additional Resources

You can also watch a video explaining the Resend Notification and Copy URL process in detail here: Copy Esign URL and Resend Notification

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