How to re-activate an expired document

How to re-activate an expired document

Upon expiry of a document, all the unsigned invites when accessed will face the below error. In this case, Leegality allows the owner/sender of the document to manually reactivate the invitations from the Leegality dashboard.

An invitation to eSign is valid for 10 days by default. This time limit can be altered from 45 mins to a maximum of 365 days post which the Invitations get expired.

This Error is shown to the signer while accessing an expired signing invitation

Reactivation of the invite(s) will extend the expiry of the invitation(s) and enable the signers to sign the document(s).

Steps for Reactivating the Expired Document

1.  On your Leegality homepage Go to the “Expired” folder in the “My documents” section.

2. Double-clicking on the required document will also lead you to the details page.

3. Click on the Re-activate button in the invitee card and specify the number of days by which you want to extend this expiry of the invite.

Note: In case no input is given, the expiry will be extended by 10 days

Additional Resources

You can also watch a video explaining the Reactivation Process of the expired documents in detail here: Re-activate Document

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