Identify Series

Identify Series

The Stamp Series is a set of stamps that are procured with the following details:

  1. State: The name of the State for which stamp paper will be uploaded and affixed to the document.

  1. Denomination: The value of Stamp paper that has to be affixed to the document.

  1. First Party Name: This would be the name of the party between whom the agreement is being signed. It can be specific(Organization name) or can be generic as the First party.

  1. Second Party Name: This would be the name with whom the agreement is getting signed or can be kept as generic according to the use case like Second Party, borrower, etc.

  1. Purpose: The purpose imprinted on the stamp is to justify the reason for the agreement between two or more parties.

  1.  Legend: It is a piece of content that is printed on the stamp papers (for the purpose of defacing them) mandatorily containing Leegality's Document ID ( a uniquely generated code that is used to link the stamp paper to the document it is attached to) and optionally the first party and the second party name.

Stamp Series can be identified from the Stamp paper where the legend is imprinted with the unique ID No.

Stamp Series Identification from Unique ID No.

Stamp Series in Leegality Dashboard

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