Insert Image

Insert Image

Insert Image allows the user to add the images to the document.

Insert Image

Insert Image to the document

Step 1: Click on the “Insert Image” button in the 2nd row of the Editing Tools.

Step 2: The image can be inserted into the document either via image URL(public) or uploaded from the system by selecting the checkbox.

Using upload option

Using URL option

More Options

1. Image vertical and horizontal margin (distance of the images from the top, bottom, left & right edges of the document) can be configured

2. Image border thickness can be set 

3. Width and height can be set for the image. If no, value is entered, click on "Maintain Aspect Ratio" which will retain the proportions in image size.

Change Image

 1. Double click on the image or right-click on the image that needs to be changed.

2. Images border, margin, width, and height can be configured from "More options"

Preview and Final Output

Below is how the inserted image will look in the drafting and final filling stage.

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