Image Field

Image Field

The insert image button allows the user to upload an image (e.g., passport photo, ID proof) which will be integrated in the document. 

Create an Image field

To create an image field:

  1. Click on the ‘Image field’ button in the top-most row of the Editing Tools

  2. Enter the name of the ‘Image field’ placeholder that will appear when filling the template

  3. Set the dimensions of the photo

    1. The default width is 120 pixels

    2. The default height is set according to the aspect ratio.

  4. Set the alignment of the picture using the dropdown options

  5. Click ok

More Options

  • Set the maximum file size upload for the user: Note: Leegality allows a maximum file size of upto 2048kbs

  • To control the picture quality there is an option to set a minimum and maximum width of the file being uploaded (in pixels): Only pictures with the width falling within this range/ satisfying either extreme will be accepted.

Preview and final output

Below is how the image upload looks in the draft and final stage respectively:

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