Leegality Home

Leegality Home

Before you proceed with this Knowledge Base, an important point to note – several of the processes and steps here can be fully automated and integrated within your own application through our APIs (docs.leegality.com). Therefore, if you are integrating through APIs a lot of the following steps may not be applicable to you.

Leegality Home is where all of the application’s functions (eSigning, eStamping, Workstation, Transaction Logs, Tracker) can be accessed.

Main Panel
  1. Invitations made: Denotes the number of invitations that have been sent out from your account.
  2. eSigns completed: Denotes the number of successful eSigns arising out of invites sent by you.
  3. Documents completed: Denotes the total number of documents that have been fully signed/executed on the basis of invites sent by you
  4. eSigning Logs: Provides real time updates when any document associated with your account has been signed. Clicking View All Logs shows you the entire history of signing journeys initiated through your account.

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