NESL error codes

NESL error codes

Parameter Missing

Parameter Missing
ER00P1Response Url is Missing
ER00P2ClientId is Missing
ER00P3Authorization is Missing
ER00P4Api key is Missing
ER00P5MetaData is Missing
ER00P6Mandatory request parameter Missing
ER00P7ResponseUrl should not be null
ER00P8ClientId should not be null
ER00P9Api -key and client should be Valid
ER00P10MetaData should not be null
ER00P11Api- Key should be Valid
ERR00P12Authorization should not be null
ER00P13Invalid ClientId
ER00P14Unable to write Json
ER00P15Invalid MetaData
ER00P17,ER00P16Invalid Authorization
ER00P18Inactive User
ER00P19Unable to decrypt session key - from metadata
ER00P20Unable to decrypt the header
ER00P21Un Authorized to do only Estamp transaction

Json Format Error

Json Format Error
ER00J1Json Structure is not valid
ER00J2Sign Flag should not be null.
ER00J3Transaction ID Should not be null.
ER00J4Loan Document Flag should not be null.
ER00J5Estamp Flag Should not be null.
EROOJ6Participating details Should not be null.
ER00J7Participating details section should have at-lest 1 Participant
ER00J8Participating Entity Pan should not be null.
ER00J9Participant Name should not be null.
ER00J10Participant Name format is not valid.
ER00J11Participant Address format is not valid.
ER00J12Participant PIN format is not valid
ER00J13Participant Entity - DOI - Invalid Date Format
ER00J14Invalid Relation to contract.
ER00J15One loan can have only one debtor.
ER00J16Relation to contract is not valid.
ER00J17Relation to contract should not be null.
ER00J18Participating Entity Pan is Not in valid Format.
ER00J19Participating Entity Pan is Not valid.
EROOJ20Second Party Mobile No format is not valid.
ER00J21FirstParty Mobile No format is not valid.
ER00J22Invalid Loan No or Sanction No.
ER00J23Invalid Sanctioned Amount.
ER00J24Invalid Type of debt.
ER00J25Facility name cannot be null
ER00J26Loan No and Sanction No, both cannot be empty
ER00J27Loan Details - DtOfSnctn - Invalid Date Format
ER00J28Loan Details - DtOfDbrs - Invalid Date Format
ER00J29Invalid AssetId.
ER00J30AssetType cannot be null
ER00J31Invalid Type of Charges.
ER00J32Security Details - DtOfCrtn - Invalid Date Format
ER00J33Security Details - DtofVltn - Invalid Date Format
ER00J34Security Details DscOfScrty not null or length should be less than 300 and should be alpha numeric
ER00J35Registration Type Should not be null
ER00J36Estamp Details should not be null.
ER00J37StampDutyPaidBy should not be null.
ER00J38Invalid StampDutyPaidBy format
ER00J39StampDutyAmount cannot be null.
EROOJ40Invalid StampDutyAmount format
ER00J41Consideration Price cannot be null.
ER00J42Invalid Consideration Price format
ER00J43First Party Name cannot be null.
ER00J44Invalid First Party Name
ER00J45Second Party Name cannot be null.
ER00J46Invalid Second Party Name
ER00J47Date of Default cannot be null.
ERR0J48Invalid Total Outstanding Amount.
ER00J49Default Amount cannot be null.
ER00J50Days Past Due in Default Details cannot be null.
ER00J51Description of security Should not be null.
ER00J52Gaurantor Details mandatory for the given Template/Document ID.
ER00J53Securiy Details mandatory for the given Template/Document ID.
ER00J54Address should not be null/exceeds 300 Characters.
ER00J55Sanction Amount should not be null.
ER00J56Tenure Should not be null.
ER00J57Rate of interest should not be null.
ER00J58Invalid Repayment frequency.
ER00J59Date of Sanction is not valid.
ER00J60Date of Sanction format is not valid.
ER00J61Communication Address of the Gaurantor should not be null.
ER00J62Facility name length is more than 300.
ER00J63Pan Number Should not be null.
ER00J64Invalid ContractParty Designation.
EROOJ65Description of document Should not be null/Description of document should not be greater than 100 Characters.
ER00J66Upload document or AutoGenerate Document with given details any one will be mandatory.
ER00J67Template/Document ID mandatory
ER00J68Invalid Tenure format
ER00J69Invalid Rate of Interest format
ER00J70Debtor is mandatory
ER00J71DOB cannot be null or empty
ER00J72EmailID cannot be null or empty
ER00J73Invalid EmailID format
ER00J74Mobile number cannot be null or empty
ER00J75Invalid Mobile number format
ER00J76Estamp Details should not be null
ER00J77Duplicate Pan is not allowed
ER00J78State Should be valid
ER00J79F2F flag is missing
ER00J80Sequence number is mandatory
ER00J81Invalid Sequence number
ER00J82Duplicate Participant EntityID is not allowed
ER00J83Duplicate Sequence Number is not allowed
ER00J84Duplicate Template/Document ID is not allowed
ER00J85Invalid Template/Document ID
ER00J86Sign flag should be either 0 or 1
ER00J87LoanDoc Flag should be N.
ER00J88DocData or Template/Document Id is Mandatory.
ER00J89Participant EntityID should be mandatory.
ER00J90Estamp Details should be always one.
ER00J91DocumentID is mandatory.
ER00J92remarkpartb, scrtyidcersai, scrtyidroc exceeds the expected length.
ER00J93Duplicate CIN is not allowed.
ER00J94Invalid Amount.
ER00J95Invalid Lending Agreement data.
ER00J96Invalid Account Closed Flag.
ER00J97Invalid Repayment frequency.
ER00J98Invalid Party Type.
ER00J99Invalid Debt subtype.
ER00J100Invalid Funded Type.
ER00J101Invalid Esigncoordinates Details
ER00J102Document ID in Participant Details and Esign does not match.
ER00J103Invalid Supporting document Details.
ER00J104Invalid Article Code.
ER00J105Esign Participant ID and Participant ID doest not match.
ER00J106Signatory gender should be M or F.
ER00J107Invalid Signatory Aadhar.
ER00J108Sign Flag should be 1.
ER00J109lglcnstn is mandatory/invalid.
ER00J110Either PanNo or ovdid is mandatory.
ER00J111First party/Second Party name should not vbe more than 40 characters.
ER00J112Invalid Document/Template IDs in participant details.
ER00J113Currofsanc value cannot empty or invalid
ER00J114Entity details Should not be null
ER00J115Entity details DOI Should not be null and should be yyyy-MM-dd format
ER00J116Entity details entity name Should not be null
ER00J117Entity details register address Should not be null
ER00J118Entity details communication address should not be null
ER00J119Entity details communication or reg pin should not be null or not valid
ER00J120Size of the loan details and security details are not matching
ER00J121Loan number in loan details and security details are not matching/Invalid use case
ER00J122Loan number in security details can not be empty
ER00J123when documents combination should either match or should be totally different
ER00J124Creditor is mandatory.
ER00J125BU value for loan details is incorrect.
ER00J126Remarks should not be greater than 50 characters.
ER00J127old account number is not valid.
ER00J128Creditor Entity should be registrated in IU.
ER00J129Creditor pan for Intermediary client cannot be null or empty.
ER00J130Both EmailID and Mobile No cannot be null.
ER00J131Entity name is not valid
ER00J132First/Second Party Pin Format should be valid for MP/WB
ER00J133Invalid json loan Details
ER00J134Invalid json Security Details
ER00J135Sign flag should be 0.
ER00J136Duplicate Doc Ref Number
ER00J137Duplicate Loan No/Sanction No
ER00J138Bg Action cannot be empty or Invalid
ER00J139Invalid Expiry Date
ER00J140FirstParty/SecondParty OVD Type Cannot be Empty or Invalid in case of WB
ER00J141FirstParty/SecondParty OVD ID Cannot be Empty in case of WB
ER00J142Registration type is invalid
ER00J143Document Description in document dtls section length should not be more than 100 or invalid character spcified
ER00S8Duplicate Transaction Details.
ER00MSSession already exist
ER00R1Unable to register participant
ER00E01Error while doing ESign, try after sometimes.
ER00E04Aadhaar does not have mobile number linked with it

Balance Issue

Balance Issue
ER00B01Insufficeint Balance
ER00L01Link Expired
ER00L02Invlaid Link
ER00SISession Invalid
ER00STSession Timeout
ER00E9,ER00E6,ER00E06Error while doing estamp

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