PDF Flattening

PDF Flattening


In the case of fillable/editable PDF documents, even after digitally signing the document the form fields remained editable. PDF Flattening refers to the conversion of such editable PDFs into non-editable PDFs. 

Note: Even though the fields remain editable the document is still tamper-evident and any change made in the document post-digital signing will be flagged in the pdf reader.

The configuration is made available at an organizational level and your Admins in the application can toggle on/off this feature. 

How to activate/deactivate this feature:

  1. Click on the Account button on your homepage

  1. In the left panel click on the “Department Tab” & click on the “Document configurations tab”

  1. The ‘Enforce conversion of Editable PDFs into Uneditable PDFs' is on by default and is applicable universally to all documents.
    Please verify the same before initiating the transactions - if it's not on for your account, please reach out to your admin for this to be activated

    You can turn it off by toggling off the same and clicking on the Update button.

In case an editable/fillable digitally signed PDF document is uploaded for eSign on Leegality, it will not be flattened since the conversion will result in the removal of the existing digital signature.

Editable pdf before pdf flattening exercise

Non-editable pdf post flattening

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