PDF Template

PDF Template

Templates help users to create and manage documents that can be used for their signing journey. PDF templates comprises of the following:

1. Static Content 

- Pre-set content which includes texts, tables, lists, bullet points, borders and so on. (Example: Bank Account Creation Form)

2. Dynamic fields

- These fields are based on the signer or the specifics of a transaction.(Example: Name, Address, DOB, Gender, Loan Amount etc.)
- The dynamic fields could take the form of textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown, dates or images. 

In this section, we will learn more about PDF templates.

How to create PDF Templates?

Step 1: Go to Leegality Dashboard screen and click on ‘Templates’ in the left menu and click on ‘New Template’.

Step 2: Choose the  ‘PDF Editor’ option’ and upload the base PDF.

You are now on the Template creation screen

Overview of PDF Editor Dashboard

The template screen is divided into two parts:
  1.  Editing tools: Allows you to add dynamic fields, insert elements and format the content of the template.
  2. Display area: Shows you how the template looks like.

How to edit a template?

To create a PDF template document, follow this process:

  1. Create placeholders for your template using the ‘Editing Tools’
  2. Click and drop relevant tools on the template
  3. Preview the template
  4. Click on ‘Save & Finish’ the template

Note: ‘Generate PDF’ allows you to download the PDF template

Overview of Editing Tools 

Following are the editing tools provided along with the highlights of each tool: 

1. Textbox 
  1. Add textboxes wherever Data entry is required
  2. Can be converted into Large/small textboxes quickly
  3. Boxed textboxes can be created using a simple Toggle
  4. Textboxes can be configured to allow only numbers

2. Dropdown
  1. Allow the user to choose one option from a series of possible choices
  2. Add options in the dropdown using the right-side panel 
  3. Set a default value for the dropdown

3. Radio button
  1. Allow the user to choose only one option from a set of options
  2. Add the radio buttons using the right-side panel

4. Checkbox 
  1. Create multiple-choice options for the users

5. Date Field
  1. Select the format of the date field 

6. Image Attachment 
  1. Easily set dimensions of the image 
  2. Allow maximum file size for image for the signer to upload 

Note: If you go to Templates > Choose your template > Click on the three dots > Select ‘Replace Base PDF’
This feature allows you to replace the PDF while retaining the placeholders that were added while editing the template. 

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