Preview Options

Preview Options

Once the content is created in the display area, to see how the document will be displayed to the signer, the template engine provides 3 types of preview options:

Generate PDF

Once you have configured your template, there are a few configurations e.g. borders, margins, header & footer, etc. that can only be reviewed once they are implemented in the final pdf document.

In order to have a quick review of the template configured, the user can simply press the “Generate PDF button”

This will generate a pdf with all the configs along with highlighted areas for all the dynamic fields configured in the template.

Preview Document - Template form filling journey and filled document preview

1. Click on the “Preview” option to view the document

This will lead you to a page that is a replica of how any user will be filling the template form fields, either in the sending journey or on the signing journey.

2. Fill in the details on the preview page as a signer/sender.

The details filled under the “Template Form Fields” section will reflect in the final pdf that will be generated.

3. Once the template form fields are filled, click on “Filled Document Preview” to view the exact look of the document.

4. Final Preview of the document (Filled Document Preview)

Difference between “Generate PDF” and “Filled Document Preview”

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