Purchase Esign credits and Stamps

Step 1: Go to the “purchase”  tab for buying Esign credits or place an order for stamp papers. 

Your default billing profile will be used for creating the purchase, you can choose to change the same by clicking on the Select other billing profiles which will update the billing profile for this particular request. 

Selecting the billing profile that will be displayed on the invoice

Step 2: Under Purchase the 1.) Aadhaar eSign & 2.) Virtual Sign type will be available for purchase. You can click on “Add more items” to add other transaction types and stamp series

Transactions on Leegality are bought on a prepaid basis through the purchase of eSign credits. 1 eSign credit = 1 Rupee.

In the transactions menu, transaction types are displayed with the price for each transaction type.

Note: eSign credits have an expiry of 365 days from the date of purchase. The credits are consumed on a "First in First Out" basis. 

In stamps, all series that are created in the account will be displayed with State and denomination.

State Wise filters can be added in order to view all the relevant series for the selected state.

Step 3: Enter the quantity of the products and click on “Create Request”


 1. Minimum 500 INR invoice amount is required for Esigns only.
 2. Minimum of 30 stamps need to be added for each stamp series.

Note: Convenience fee for stamp papers will be added in the next step on the creation of the request.


1. TDS rate for technical services has been amended to 2% as per amendments in section 194J through Finance Act 2020 w.e.f 1st April 2020. Hence, no lower TDS deduction certificate is required. 

2. For the purposes of TDS, Leegality's services qualify as a Technical Service on which Tax Deducted at Source / Withholding Taxes is 2% under section 194J of the Income Tax Act. 

3. TDS is not to be deduced on the value of the actual stamp papers which is a tax paid to the government on your behalf.

Completing the Purchase

Once the purchase request is created, click on “Proceed to payment”

1. The payment can be made online (credit card, debit card, wallet, UPI) by clicking on the button “pay online”

2. Proforma Invoice can be downloaded by clicking on button “download Proforma Invoice”

3. Click on “pay via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS” to get the virtual bank account details to transfer the amount.

Note: Once the correct payment has been made Esigns gets immediately added to the account.

After the correct payment for stamps, the stamp procurement gets started and the stamps product can be viewed in the stamps inventory under the “Process”

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