Billing Information

Billing information needs to be added before you can purchase anything on the Dashboard. This is the information that will be displayed on invoices raised on you for any purchases made on Leegality.

Buying eSign credits

Transactions on Leegality are bought on a pre-paid basis through the purchase of eSign credits. 1 eSign credit = 1 Rupee.
In the purchase boxes below you will need to enter the number of eSigns you require. eSign credits will be purchased depending on the cost of an eSign transaction. Each type of eSign has a different cost allocated to it. Thus, if Aadhaar eSign costs Rs. 30 and you want to buy 4 Aadhaar eSign transactions, you will be charged Rs. 120. As a result, placing an order for 4 Aadhaar eSign transactions will result in a purchase of 120 eSign credits.
The amount added can be utilized across all types of eSigns and is not restricted to the type specified during purchase.
Note: eSign credits are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

eSign credits have an expiry of 365 days from the date of purchase. The credits are consumed on a "First in First Out" basis. 

Purchasing or renewing subscription

To add subscription duration, please choose the number of months/years for which you want to subscribe (or renew your subscription) with Leegality. At the minimum you need to purchase the subscription for 1 year. Alternatively, you can reach out to your point of contact at Leegality to extend your subscription.

Purchasing stamp papers

In the purchase box enter the quantity of stamp papers you want per request against the relevant Stamp Series. Stamp papers will only show up on this page if you have created a stamp series for these stamps.

Stamp papers purchased via Leegality have a default expiry of 6 months. The expiry can be extended upon request by the user.

Completing the Purchase

  1. To complete the purchase of Stamp Papers and/or eSign Credits, click on the “Create Request” button to see the cost calculation. The screenshot below gives an example (taken from the sample order used in the previous section) of how this page will look:
  2. To finalize the purchase, click on “Confirm Request” and you will see the following:
  3. Make the payment via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card. You can also Generate a Proforma Invoice and get the payment processed on that basis. Once the payment is complete, your purchased eSign credits and stamp papers will be added (Invoices)

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