Require invitee to upload supporting documents

Require invitee to upload supporting documents

By enabling the option “Require invitee to upload supporting documents” you can request the signer/reviewer to upload documents while signing/reviewing the document.

The name of the document has to be provided for every document that is added to the list under “Document to be uploaded”.

Note: Invitee has to upload the document while signing the document mandatorily.

Signing Journey 

While signing the document, the invitee has to mandatorily upload the document to sign the document.

Note: If documents are not uploaded, the invitee will not be able to proceed further in the signing journey, “Proceed” button will be disabled until the required documents are uploaded.

Access Supporting Document

The sender of the document can access the supporting documents that the signer uploads only in their dashboard.

Steps to access supporting documents

Step 1: On your Leegality homepage Go to the “Completed/Sent” folder under the “My documents" section. 

Step 2: In the “Completed/Sent” folder, click on the “Attachment” button in the “Action” dropdown.

Step 3: Click on “View All” in the pop-up window after clicking on the attachment option of the required document to preview the uploaded documents by clicking “Preview”.

Reviewing Supporting Documents in Signing/Reviewing Journey

In the sending journey, toggle on ‘Allow viewing uploaded Supporting Documents of all invitees’. This feature enables the signers and reviewers to view all uploaded documents before completing the signature. 

In the signing journey, the signer/reviewer can view the uploaded documents by clicking on the three dots, and then choose the option to view the supporting documents as shown below. 

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