Self-Service Sandbox Account

Self-Service Sandbox Account

Once your sandbox account has been configured by the Leegality team, it will be handed over to you with the following contents, 7500 Esigns credits and 100 stamps of Delhi, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu of INR 100 denomination.

There are a few other operations that you can perform in your sandbox account to facilitate your testing:

Adding a test template

On the home page, click on “Template” and then click on “Add test template” to add a template.

Note: This can only be done by Admin users.

Adding test eSign and stamp balance 

Esigns & Stamps can be added from the sandbox account once they have been consumed by Admin and Billing users.

Step 1: Click on “Add Test Balance” on the home page which will redirect you to the billing page.

Step 2: Enter the quantity of Esigns that you wish to add.

Note: More than 10000 per Esign type are not allowed to be added, if more than 10000 are entered, the value will be changed automatically.

Step 3: Click on “Add more items” to add the stamps that are required.

Note: More than 1000 Stamps per state are not allowed to be added, if more than 1000 are entered, the value will be changed automatically.

Step 4: Once the required value for stamps and Esigns are entered click on “Add Balance” to add it to the account.

In case of stamps, the system takes around 2-5 mins to upload the dummy stamp papers in your account.

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