Most agreements and conveyances in India are not legally enforceable unless stamp duty is paid to the government.
This payment is done by purchasing ‘stamp paper’ of requisite value and affixing it to the agreement/conveyance in question. This process is physically cumbersome and disrupts digital processes.To avoid this, Leegality has developed its own method of digitizing stamp paper and electronically affixing the same to an agreement/conveyance (‘
eStamping’), which ensures that document workflow remains completely digital and seamless while also complying with stamp laws. You avoid the pain of physical procurement and affixture of stamp papers!

This page allows you to see all stamp papers that you have purchased through Leegality.  It also allows you create a new stamp series. A New Stamp series is needed for stamps to be able to be purchased

Creating a stamp series
  1. Click on the ‘New Stamp Series’ Button
  2. A stamp request form opens as shown below

  3. Fill up the required details pertaining to the stamp papers
  4. Last stage is to fill your own contact details for Leegality to ship the papers to you for your records

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