This is a list of active users in your account. You can edit their organizational role and restrict/grant them access to various functions on Leegality. The three organizational roles are User, Billing, and Admin.

User Types

  1. User: User level has the most basic permissions granted to it.
    A user can only send and receive documents for eSign.
  2. Billing: In addition to the user permissions it grants access to the Billing tab.
  3. Admin: This role has access to all settings available in the Leegality dashboard, which include the Admin settings in addition to the above permissions.
    An admin also has access to create and edit Workflows and templates for the entire organization.
    An admin has an overwatch access to all the users in the organisation which include:
    1. Having viewing access to their dashboard
    2. Access to any organization user’s activity logs

An admin can Lock any user out of the organisation if a situations warrants it. E.g. Employee leaves the organisation.
Note: An admin cannot perform any actions in another user’s account.

View Access

An admin can provide view access (which an admin has by default to all accounts) to any user within the organisation. i.e. A user can view the documents of another organisation user if he has been given view access to that account by an admin.

In the below screenshot Ritik (Admin) has given Waqim (User) viewing access to his account

Waqim now has viewing access to Ritik’s account

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