Bulk Cloud DSC

Bulk Cloud DSC

The Bulk Cloud DSC feature helps signers to sign up to 5 documents using Leegality’s Cloud DSC at the same time.

Steps for signing multiple documents using Cloud DSC:

Step 1: Prerequisites to use Leegality’s Bulk Cloud DSC Sign feature can be referred here.

Step 2: On your Leegality homepage Go to the “Received” folder under the “My documents" section.

Step 3: Click on the “Bulk Sign” option and select “Cloud DSC” to view the documents that have to be signed via the Cloud DSC sign type.

Step 4: Select the documents (up to 5 max at once) you want to bulk sign.

Step 5: Once the documents are selected that have to be signed, click on the “sign” option.

Note: Document preview will not be available while bulk signing the documents.

Step 6: Once click on “Sign” a pop-up window will open for proceeding to the signing journey.

Step 7: The signer will get the below options to proceed with signing of the document:

1. Create new signer ID 

2. Use an existing signer ID

Select the option accordingly to proceed with the signing of the document.

If the signer has an existing signer ID, the signer can enter the signer ID or can fetch the signer ID by clicking on the option “Use PAN and Mobile Number Instead” - which allows the signer to enter the PAN card number and mobile number to fetch the signer ID .

Step 8: Enter the signer ID and click on Proceed to confirm the entered signer ID

Step 9: Once the signer ID is confirmed, agree to the consent to proceed with signing the document.

Step 10: The signer will be redirected to the eMudhra signing page and is required to enter the following:-

  1. PIN - that was set when creating the signer ID (in case you have forgotten the PIN, you can easily reset the PIN by clicking the “Forgot PIN” option.) 

  1. OTP that will be received on their registered mobile number.

If the user has set up a time-based OTP (T-OTP) in their eMudhra account, they will be able to proceed by entering the T-OTP. 

Check the consent box and click on Perform Esign.

Step 11: If all the details are correctly entered - the document will be successfully signed.

Additional Resource:

You can read more about Cloud DSC Esign here

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