Coordinate Picker

Coordinate Picker

Background & Enabling Coordinate Picker

Coordinate Picker is an API-only functionality that is supported only through the 2.1 API., This functionality allows you to configure signature coordinates (placement) on a document without logging into the Leegality dashboard or passing coordinates in the API call. 

How to Activate

  1. Log into your (Admin) account

  2. Go to the Account >> Department >> Invitee Configurations tab

  3.  Toggle on “Enable Coordinate Picker role for organization”

When using our 2.1 API to create eSign requests, you can customise the placement of signatures on the document in two ways:

  1. You can pass the eSign coordinates in the appearances array of the payload.  This approach requires you to calculate the x-y coordinates for all signatures on your application and pass the values in the API payload.

  2. Alternatively, you can leverage our pre-built screens for placing signatures, which allow an easy to use, drag and drop interface.  The pre-built screens can be opened inside your app using our Web/Android/iOS SDKs.  To use this flow, you need to pass the “coordinate_picker” parameter as TRUE in the 2.1 API payload.  When you pass the “coordinate_picker” parameter as TRUE, you will receive a Coordinate Picker URL in response.  This URL can be used to set signature placements. 

    The functionalities of our pre-built signature placement screens are set out below:  

Note for developers: If you wish to receive the signURLs generated after setting coordinates for managing the signURLs inside your application, you should also pass a webhook URL in the “coordinate-picker_webhook” parameter of the 2.1 API payload.  

Signature Placement Process

  1. When you open the Coordinate Picker URL, you will be shown a preview of the document on which you can place the signature positions. , Scroll down to the end of the document and wait for all the pages of the document to load

3 default coordinates are appearing in the above image

Note: The document is in the “Draft” stage at this point in the journey.

In case no coordinates were configured before triggering the coordinate picker URL, the default coordinates will appear on the document for each invitee.

In case, Custom coordinates were configured in the API call, those will appear in the document

  1. Click on the “Click and Drop Signature Box” button to initiate the signature placement module

    Your cursor will now change into the Leegality logo when hovered on the document

  2. Click anywhere on the document to place a signature box

In the gif above, the user has placed 3 custom coordinates by clicking on the desired location on the document

  1. You can select which signature belongs to which signer by selecting the desired signer from the dropdown in the signature box

  1. You also have the option to copy a signature placement across all pages of the document by pressing the following button - 

In case Leegality’s “Dynamic Stamping” feature was used to create the document (i.e. there are multiple papers attached to the document - only 1 paper will be visible for the signature placement process and any signature coordinate placed on that page will be replicated across all the stamp papers.

Note 1: If the “All” option is selected when placing the signature coordinate on the stamp paper it will be replicated across all pages of the document, whereas if the signature is simply placed on the stamp paper without explicitly replicating it on “All” pages it will only appear on the stamp paper attached.

Note -2: Coordinates for stamp papers and the document function independently unless the “All” option is selected in signature placement options which will replicate the concerned signature placement across all pages

  1. In case you want to delete the new coordinates set by you or clear the already configured custom coordinates, simply click on the “Delete Custom Coordinates” Button

  2. Clicking on the “Delete Custom Coordinates” Button will delete any newly configured (set by you) and/or existing custom coordinates (set via API)

  3. Once you are done configuring the coordinates, click on the “Send Document” button >> Confirm that you want to send the document.

    Note: In case any of the invitees do not have “Custom Coordinates” configured, Leegality will automatically place their signatures on the “Bottom-Left corner” (default placement) of every page

Coordinates have been set and the invitations have been sent out

Post- Signature Placement Steps

  1. Once you have sent out the document after completing the steps above, the sign invitations will be sent through email/SMS channels depending on the configurations set by you, and in the order set out by you. 

  2. The signURLs will also be shared with you via a webhook notification on the URL passed in the  “coordinate-picker_webhook” parameter of the 2.1 API payload.