Dynamic Stamping

Dynamic Stamping

Dynamic stamping is a layer on top of the stamp series method followed by Leegality. As the name suggests group stamping allows you to add various stamp series of a single state into a group in order to facilitate Value-based stamp duty payment.

How to create a Dynamic Stamp Group

  1. In the Leegality dashboard, go the Stamps tab under the My drawer options and click on Groups

  1. Click on the ‘New Stamp Group’ button:

    1. Set the group name

    2. Select the relevant state to be associated with this group e.g. We have selected Delhi for this stamp group

      Note: Any state associated with a stamp series cannot be disassociated at a later stage.

    3. Enter the maximum value for this stamp group i.e. This will be the highest value that can be achieved using any combination of stamp papers in this group

    4. Select the series of the concerned state to be included in this group

  1. Click on Create

Editing a stamp group

  1. Go to the stamp groups page

  2. Hover your cursor on the Actions dropdown and click on Edit

  3. You can edit the following elements of a stamp group

    1. Group Name

    2. Maximum Stamp value

    3. Series associated with the group

Using a Dynamic Stamp Group - New Document flow

  1. Upon turning on the Use stamp toggle in addition to the ‘Use Stamp series’ toggle there will be a ‘Use Stamp group’ group 

  2. Turn on the ‘Use Stamp Group’ toggle and select the relevant stamp group 

  3. Enter the Stamp duty value required for the document

    The grouping algorithm follows certain rules for collating the stamp papers from the series configured in the group

    1. Uses Stamps of the lowest possible value

    2. Minimizes the number of stamps used

E.g. For a stamp duty of Rs.250, the algorithm will pick 2 x Rs.100 papers and 1 x Rs.50
paper instead of using 3 x Rs.100 papers or 5 x Rs.50 papers.

Note: This value cannot be more than the maximum value configured in this group in the creation stage.

  1. On the finalize page, you will be able to see the final collection of stamp papers attached to the document by clicking on the ‘Load More Stamp Papers’ button

    The following document will contain the document ID’s and Stamp serial numbers for all the stamp papers attached to it.

Using a Dynamic Stamp Group - Workflows

  1. Upon turning on the Use stamp toggle in addition to the ‘Use Stamp series’ toggle there will be a ‘Use Stamp group’ group
  2. Select the stamp group and enter the stamp value. You can either choose to:-

  1. Associate a specific stamp group and Stamp value to the workflow

  1. Defer the group selection & stamp value to the sending journey.

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