How to Block Stamp papers

How to Block Stamp papers

The block stamp feature allows the user to remove a stamp paper from the list of stamps that are to be used for document creation.

The block stamp feature is primarily used when the concerned stamp paper is to be used in a physical format and subsequently avoid its usage in the digital workflow via Leegality.

Steps for blocking a stamp paper in the Leegality Dashboard

Step1: On your Leegality homepage - Go to “Stamps” under “My drawer”

Step2: Click on the relevant stamp series row to which the concerned stamp paper belongs.

To identify the series, please refer to the below link

This will open the entire list of stamp papers that have been procured for that series

Selecting a relevant Series

Step3: Identify the stamp paper that you want to block and click on the “Block” button in the Actioncolumn and confirm.
Note: Only Unused stamp papers can be blocked and this action is irreversible.
Blocking a stamp paper

Your stamp paper is now blocked and is out of circulation for digital document creation.

Blocked Stamps in each Stamp Series

Additional Resources

Video on how to block a stamp paper:  Block Stamp Paper
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