Nesl Multi stamping

Nesl Multi stamping

This feature helps the sender to affix multiple stamp papers to the documents signed via NeSL eSign.

Steps to configure NeSL Multi Stamping 

Step 1: Configure at least one invitee with NeSL sign to use multiple stamp papers, and then click on “Signing journey options” on the bottom left of the screen.  

Step 2: Enter the “number of stamp papers” to be affixed as per your requirement and click on “Save”.

Note: Maximum of 10 stamps can be used.

Once the number of stamps is entered in “Signing journey options”, click on Next to fill in the stamp details 

Stamps and invitee Details can be filled from the “dashboard” or “Excel file”

Note: Depending on the number of stamp papers configured under “Signing journey options”, the equivalent number of stamp details have to be filled in via the dashboard or Excel file template.

Excel File method

Step 1: Download the template by clicking on the option “download template excel file”

The sample template excel file can be viewed here.

Step 2: Fill the excel file with all the required information and upload the filled excel template file.

Dashboard Method

Step 1: Once the number of stamp papers is entered, click “next”, which will pop up the option to fill the stamps and invitee details.

To proceed with filling the stamp details from the dashboard click on the option “proceed to filling dashboard form”

Step 2: By scrolling down to the stamp details section, you will see multiple stamp sections named "Stamp Details 1", "Stamp Details 2", etc. depending on the number of stamp papers configured.

Fill in the relevant stamp details as required and click on “Next”.

Note: For each stamp paper, the article code should be different.

Steps to use NeSL Multi Stamping in Signing Journey 

In the signing journey, after the document preview, the signer will have to view and accept each stamp paper generated by the sender. 

During the signing journey through NeSL, click on the “Next” button so that Estamp status can be changed from Pending to Success.

All uploaded stamps can be viewed one after the other and accordingly the status gets changed from Pending to Success.  

All uploaded stamps will be shown respectively

Once all stamp papers are viewed, the signer can proceed further and eSign the document.

Once the document is signed by the signer, the signed document will have all the stamps collated in the document.

Sample multiple Nesl stamp signed document can be viewed here

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