NeSL eSign

NeSL eSign

How to activate

Account settings >> Department >> eSignature

To activate NeSL eSign, “NeSL eSign” needs to be enabled.  NeSL eSign can be made the Default signature type using the Default toggle. 

NeSL eSign settings can be configured by clicking on the “settings” icon next to NeSL eSign. 

There are two different settings that can be configured: 

1. Enable Leegality signing link for first invitee:  

This toggle enables you to send a Leegality email or SMS carrying the eSigning link

Please note that this option is available only for the first NeSL invitee in a signing journey. For subsequent NeSL invitees in a signing journey, the eSigning link will be sent directly by NeSL to the invitee.  

There is also a toggle to configure the Leegality signing link as a mandatory setting. If this is configured, the first NeSL invitee in all documents sent from that account will always receive a mail/SMS from Leegality carrying the eSigning link. 

2. Verification Settings: 

You can set the acceptance percentage for smart name verification.
The Acceptance Condition is set as “Accept but Respond with Result”.  

Internal Note: You cannot change this to “Reject if Fail” like you can for Aadhaar eSign and DSC. This is because regardless of the verification failure, NeSL will save the document in its database. To avoid a situation where the document is updated and stored in the NeSL debt database, but rejected on the Leegality platform, the “Reject if Fail” option has been disabled for NeSL eSign.  

Account settings >> Department >> NeSL eSign Config

In this tab, NeSL details configured by the client are displayed.  These details are required to make NESL API calls on behalf of the client. 

No data can be input on this page.  Input will be taken from the client on email and will be configured by the Leegality team. Values will be displayed on this page for the user’s reference. 


  1. Path ID: generated by Leegality - this Path ID will need to be specified in the file. This is required for fetching the digital signature using the Leegality utility. Link:
  1. NeSL API Key: specifies the API Key provided to the client by NeSL.  
  1. Client ID: specifies the Client ID provided to the client by NeSL.  
  1. Username: specifies the Username of the client on the NeSL portal. 
  1. Password: Specifies the password of the client on the NeSL portal. 
  1. Base URL: the URL where the Leegality utility is deployed on the client server. 
  1. NeSL Expiry Timeline: specifies the expiry timeline of documents configured at NeSL level by the client.  

Note: any changes to the above must be notified by the client to Leegality in advance, to avoid performance issues. 

Sending Journey - New document flow

Configuring NeSL Invitees 

“Allow first invitee to fill” is not supported if the first invitee is an NeSL invitee.  This is because NESL does not provide an option to dynamically fill templates in the signing journey. 

If an Invitee has an NeSL eSign configured, it can’t support other eSign types simultaneously.  

If a document has NeSL eSign configured for any invitee, signing order will be mandatorily enforced.  NeSL APIs require the specification of a signing order.

NeSL eSign cannot be configured for group invitations.  Group invitations are not supported by NeSL. 

Non-NeSL eSign invitations can only be placed after all NeSL invitees in a signing journey.  This is because any pre-existing signature is removed by NeSL.  However, non-signing invitations (i.e, reviewers) may be placed before NeSL in the signing journey. 

If a document containing a pre-existing digital signature is uploaded for a journey that has an NeSL eSign, the pre-existing digital signature will be purged by NeSL.


All NeSL invitations should be bunched together in the signing journey.  You can’t have a reviewer or a non-NeSL signer between two NeSL invitations. 

In case "Enable Leegality signing link for first invitee" is turned on the First invitee will receive the NeSL signing link in the Leegality email along with the NeSL email.

Invitee Level Options (NeSL eSign)

  1. In “Invitee Level Options”, only the following features are supported for NeSL invitees:

  1. Send Email Notifications 

  2. Send Mobile Notifications

  3. Add custom URLs and Webhooks 

Rest of the invitee level options that are supported for other eSign types and invitee types are not supported by NeSL

Note: Any other invitees i.e. Different invitee types and eSings can have will work as normal with all the invitee level options available.

Signing Journey Options (in documents containing NeSL invitations)


  1. In “Signing Journey Options” for documents containing one or more NeSL invitations, the following changes should be noted: 

The expiry timeline for NeSL invitations is a fixed timeline for all invitations sent from a particular account.  By default, this timeline is set at 240 hours.  

Accordingly, regardless of the expiry set under “Signing Journey Options”, NeSL invitations will only expire at the fixed expiry timeline set by NeSL. 
Internal Note: Clients may configure their expiry timeline at NeSL level - it is the client’s responsibility to inform Leegality a few weeks in advance before implementing such a change at NeSL level, to ensure that document journeys don’t start breaking. 

Custom messages cannot be configured for the emails sent by NeSL.  However, custom messages can be sent in the emails sent by Leegality in the F2F flow. NeSL does not allow any customisation of the email messages. 

Reference attachments uploaded by the sender will not be visible to NeSL invitees in the signing journey. This feature is not supported by NeSL. 

Clients will be required to set the number of securities for their NeSL journeys. For example, if a particular loan is secured by mortgage over a house, and a hypothecation over a vehicle, the number of securities would be set as 2. 

Note: These settings will work normally will non-nesl invitees

NeSL Webform (Loan, Security, Stamp, and Borrower Data)

To use the NeSL DDE APIs you have to provide data pertaining to the financial debt, the borrower, the stamp duty being paid, and the security backing the financial debt.  This data can be provided in two ways: 

  1. Filling the dashboard web form 

  1. Uploading the data in an excel sheet (in the format provided by Leegality). 

Note: For certain states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal, regardless of input value for stamp, the stamp API will auto-calculate the stamp value basis Article Code and Consideration and input value from user is over-ridden and amount is deducted from NESL balance.

Note: Please click here to view Non Lending flow 

The webform fields are set out below:

FieldsDescriptionNotesLending FlowNon Lending Flow
Loan Details
Loan NumberThe loan number associated with the debt.MandatoryNot Applicable
Sanction NumberThe sanction number associated with the debt.MandatoryNot Applicable
Registration TypeType of debt (Individual Loan or Non-Individual Loan)MandatoryMandatory
StateThe state in which stamp duty is being paidMandatoryMandatory
Branch NameThe name of the branch granting the loan.OptionalOptional
Branch AddressThe address of the branch granting the loan.OptionalOptional
Date of SanctionThe date on which the loan was sanctioned.MandatoryNot Applicable
EMI AmountInterest installment amount payable on the loan.MandatoryNot Applicable
Rate of InterestRate of Interest on the loan.MandatoryNot Applicable
Sanction AmountThe amount sanctioned by the financial creditorMandatoryNot Applicable
TenureThe tenure of the loan.MandatoryNot Applicable
Type of DebtThe type of loan (financial debt or operational debt)Operational debt is not currently not supported by NeSL.MandatoryNot Applicable
Account Closed FlagWhether the account is closed (yes, no, or assigned debt)MandatoryNot Applicable
Fund TypeWhether the credit facility is funded or non funded.MandatoryNot Applicable
Sanction CurrencyThe currency in which the loan is denominated (INR or USD)MandatoryNot Applicable
Credit SubtypeWhether the financial debt is created pursuant to a credit facility or the purchase of a propertyMandatoryNot Applicable
Facility NameThe name of the loan facilityMandatoryNot Applicable
Amount OverdueThe amount overdue on the loanOptionalNot Applicable
Other Charge AmountAny other charges (if applicable)OptionalNot Applicable
Debt Start DateThe date on which the financial debt startedOptionalNot Applicable
Interest AmountThe amount of interestOptionalNot Applicable
Old Debt Reference NoThe reference number of the old debtOptionalNot Applicable
Principal OutstandingThe outstanding principal amountOptionalNot Applicable
Loan RemarkLoan remarks (if any)OptionalNot Applicable
Total Outstanding AmountTotal outstanding amountOptionalNot Applicable
Creditor Business UnitThe business unit of the creditor providing the debtOptionalNot Applicable
Drawing PowerThe drawing power of the loanOptionalNot Applicable
Days Past DueThe number of days past due dateOptionalNot Applicable
Doc Reference NumberNot ApplicableMandatory
Stamp Duty Details
First PartyThe name of the first party (for the stamp paper)MandatoryMandatory
Second PartyThe name of the second party (for the stamp paper)MandatoryMandatory
Stamp Duty AmountThe stamp duty amount

(For certain states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal, regardless of input value for stamp, the stamp API will auto-calculate the stamp value basis Article Code and Consideration and input value from user is over-ridden and amount is deducted from NESL balance.)
Minimum Rs. 10MandatoryMandatory
Consideration PriceThe consideration price for the purposes of stamp dutyMandatoryMandatory
Description of DocumentThe description of the document for the purposes of stamp dutyMandatoryMandatory
Stamp Duty Paid ByThe name of the party paying the stamp dutyMandatoryMandatory
Article CodeArticle code for payment of stamp duty (list of article codes)MandatoryMandatory
Signatory Details
Full NameFull name of the PartyCurrently only individual parties are supportedMandatoryMandatory
Contact Person NameFull name of the contact person of the PartyMandatoryOptional
Contact RelationRelation of the party to the debt (Debtor, Guarantor, Co-obligant)Values other than Debtor, Guarantor, Co-obligant are not validMandatoryMandatory
Email IDEmail ID of the signerOptionalOptional
Mobile NumberMobile Number of the signerMandatoryMandatory
Date of Birth/IncorporationDate of Birth/IncorporationMandatoryMandatory
Legal ConstitutionLegal constitution of the signer (Resident Individual, Private Limited, Public Limited, LLP, Proprietorship, Partnership, Entity created by Statute, Trust, HUF, Coop Society, Association of Persons, Government, Self Help Groups, Non-Resident, Foreign Company)Only Resident Individual is supportedMandatoryMandatory
Alternate Email IDAlternate email ID of the signerOptionalOptional
Alternate MobileAlternate mobile of the signerOptionalOptional

Signature Placement

  1. The user is advised to use custom coordinates which are well spaced out.   
  2. The size of the signature box will remain the same in NeSL flow - NeSL does not support any customization for signature size.

NeSL eSign - Workflow setup

There are no changes in the workflow setup with respect to Workflow configuration. Refer to the Workflow setup guide here:- Configuring a workflow

Sending journey - Workflow

Via Dashboard - Run workflow

The user while running a workflow similar to the sending flow mentioned above int he new document flow - will have to either fill the webform in the dashboard or upload an excel in the Leegality format.

Via Dashboard - Excel upload

The Leegality excel template for an NeSL will contain additional column headers for the NeSL Webform 
  • The Invitee (Signatory details in the NeSL webform) specific columns repeated for each invitee

  • Loan details & Stamp Duty details column headers will be common for the entire document.

Custom mapping for the additional NeSL column headers will work as normal

Refer to the Custom mapping guide here:- Custom mapping of workflow spreadsheet template

Details Page 

Delete Invitation

NeSL invitations cannot be deleted, as NeSL does not support this functionality. 

Copy URL

Copy URL is available only in case of F2F NeSL invitations. In non-F2F NeSL invitations, Leegality does not have the signURL and therefore this option is not relevant.  

Manual Activation of Invitations

Manual activation of all invitations are disabled for documents which have an NeSL invitations. This restriction has been added to prevent other esigns being applied before the NeSL invitations are completed.  Completing other esigns through manual activation is problematic because any pre-existing esigns are removed by NeSL. 

However, once all NeSL eSigns are completed, the remaining non-NeSL invitations may be manually activated. 

Resend Notification

On clicking Resend Notification, the following notifications are re-sent: 

  1. In case of F2F, only Leegality invitation email is re-sent.

  1. In case of non F2F, both Leegality and NeSL invitation emails are re-sent. 

Delete Document  

Before deleting a document containing NeSL invitations, a warning message is shown to the user.  Even post deletion, if the NeSL invitations are already active, signing can happen independently through NeSL emails.  

Self Sign

The Self Sign button will be available only for F2F NeSL invitations. 

Rejection of eSign

Rejection of eSign is not supported by NeSL. This button will not be available for NeSL invitations. 

Edit Document 

The following restrictions are applicable to editing a document which contains NeSL invitations: 

  1. None of the reviewers in the signing order before the NeSL invitees can be converted to eSign invitations. 

  1. The NeSL invitations cannot have their esign type changed. 

  1. None of the details in the NeSL webform can be changed.

Signing Journey  

Agreement preview page - The user will have to scroll the entire document in order to proceed

Stamp paper (procured via NeSL) details

Final document along with the NeSL stamp paper attached - The user will have to scroll the entire document in order to proceed

NeSL consent page

User has to fill in their Aadhaar number/Virtual ID and enter the OTP received on their Aadhaar registered Phone number

Post successful verification of the OTP - Your document will be signed

Standard NeSL signing flow

Note: The OTP is sent to both email and mobile 

Final document along with the NeSL stamp paper attached - The user will have to scroll the entire document in order to proceed

NeSL consent page

User has to fill in their Aadhaar number/Virtual ID and enter the OTP received on their Aadhaar registered Phone number

Post successful verification of the OTP - Your document will be signed

Audit Trail

In the audit trail, there is no consent message captured in the audit trail for NeSL invitations - this is because in the NeSL journey, consent is provided by the user on the NeSL platform. 

Click here to view an audit trail for a document signed using NeSL and Aadhaar eSign respectively.  

Notifications to NeSL Invitations (email and SMS) 


Leegality Notification

NeSL Email Notification

NeSL Mobile Notification

Invitation Sent




Invitation Resent


Y (only in case of Non F2F)


Expiry Reminder




Document Self Signed




Document Completed 




Document Expired




Document Deleted 




Billing & Payment

Upon creation of a document with NeSL invitation, eSign credits will be reserved.  The amount of credits reserved would be equal to the negotiated rate for an NeSL eSign. 

Note that the amount reserved for NeSL eSigns represents the amount charged by Leegality.  The charges levied by NeSL will need to be paid by the client to NeSL directly, based on terms agreed between the client and NeSL. 

For e-stamping carried out through NeSL, there is no additional charge levied by Leegality.  The stamp paper cost and fees will need to be paid by the client to NeSL directly, based on terms agreed between the client and NeSL.

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