New Users

New Users

The option “new users” allows the account admin to send invitations to people to become your Leegality organization account users. This option allows for tracking the number of new users invited.

Note: Users can only be invited to your organization by an organization admin account user.

Steps to reach New Users tab

Step 1: Click on the “Account” option on the homepage, then click on the “Admin” tab.

Step 2: Click on the “New User” option.

Steps to Create New user

Step 1: Once reached on the new user tab, click on “Create User”.

Step 2: A pop-up will appear once clicked on “Create User” to fill in the information and select the role of the user that has to be invited.

Step 3: Once the details are filled, click on save, and the invitation will be sent to the user 

Step 4: The user has to click on “Activate” and proceed with the login steps to activate the account.

Note: The invitation sent can be deleted and resent if needed.

New Document Access 

New Document Access can now be disabled for non-admin role users (i.e., users and billing roles).   This will enable Admins to ensure that users have no ability to trigger documents outside the workflows configured in the account. 

Note: New Document access can be enabled/disabled at the time of the creation of the user or at a later stage from the Admin 

Enabling new document access

Disabling new document access

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