How to Reach

  1. Press the Account button at the top of your homepage

  2. Go to the “Notifications” tab in the left menu 

The notifications tab lets you control the various notifications that are sent by Leegality in terms of allowing you to:-

  1. Turn a notification type ON or OFF

  2. Add additional contacts to receive certain notification types.

Leegality notifications have been divided into 2 levels:-

User - Level

User-level notifications are for events that are happening for events associated with your account.

They have been divided into 2 categories:-


Notifications that are related to documents that you have sent out for signing or are a part of as a signer or a reviewer.

All notification types under DOCUMENT are ON by default.

  1. Completion Notification

    Notifications sent when a document has been signed/reviewed by all parties to the document.

  2. Signing Updates

    Notifications sent when a signer/reviewer has:

    a.) Signed a document
    b.) Reviewed a document i.e. Approve or Reject

    a document sent by you.

  3. Failure Updates

    Notifications sent when document signing/reviewing has failed for a signer/reviewer due to the following reasons:-

    1. Invitation to eSign/review a document has expired

    2. A signature failed due to a certificate details mismatch

    3. Exhaustion of retry attempts

eSign System Notifications

Notifications that are related to wider updates with respect to each eSign type that currently include 

  1. Issues

  2. Updates

  3. Downtime updates 

  4. Resumption updates

  5. eSign specific billing updates

These notifications are OFF by default and will only turn on in case a user has initiated and executed a signature with the concerned eSign type.

Currently, the included eSign Types are:

  1. Aadhaar eSign Notifications

  2. Virtual Sign Notifications

  3. DSC Notifications

  4. Document Signer Notifications

  5. Automated Sign Notifications

Organization - Level

Organization Level notifications are for events pertaining to the general management of your Leegality account along with certain non-signing-related notifications.

All notification types under this tab are ON by default.

They have been currently divided into 3 categories:-


Notifications related to the billing part of your account.

  1. Low balance notifications

    Automated notifications sent in case:

    1. The account’s eSign/stamp paper consumption reaches 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of the previous purchase.
      E.g. If your last purchase is for Rs. 100, you will get low balance notifications when your balance is 50, 25, 10, and 0 respectively.

    2. A user has setup a Low balance notification threshold, a notification will sent when the setup threshold percentage consumption has been reached.

      E.g. If your last purchase is for Rs. 100 and you have set a percentage at 80%, once you consume Rs.80 worth of credits a low balance notification will be triggered.

  2. Invoice Notifications

    Notifications sent when a successful purchase is made along with the Tax Invoice for that purchase.

Invoicing & Billing Notifications

Notifications sent when Leegality has to announce certain invoicing/billing-related updates with respect to internal/regulatory policies.

API Notifications

Notifications sent when Leegality has to announce certain API-related updates e.g. New API versions.

Add/Edit/Delete a contact to a notification type

You can add a new contact or edit an existing one for all notification types within Leegality.

To add a contact:

  1. Press the icon next to the notification type

  2. Press the “Add Contact” button on the bottom right of the menu

  3. Enter the Name, Email, and/or Phone Number of the contact and press the button.

The contact will now receive the concerned notification type that they have been added to.

To edit a contact:

  1. Press the icon next to the notification type

  2. Press the icon for the contact you want to edit

  3. Edit the required details and press the icon

To delete a contact:

  1. Press the icon next to the notification type

  2. Press the icon

Things to Note

  • Toggling off a notification type will stop notifications to all the configured contacts.

  • You need to have at least 1 contact for a notification type

  • The owner of the account is added in all notification types by default

  • The number in the icon represent the number of contacts configured.

  • CC notifications are not impacted by any of the notification toggles

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