This page (screenshot below) allows a User to edit the notifications they receive for an eSign transaction.

User Level notifications

Any user in an organization can set custom notifications for the Document-level notification types shown below. 

The ‘Add Contact’ button allows an Admin to add different Users or Non-Users, who will receive the respective notification.

Organization Level Notifications

Only an admin of an organization is allowed to configure these notifications.

They currently include the low balance notifications for the following types:
  1. Subscription Balance
  2. eSign Balance
  3. Stamp Series Balance
These notifications follow a set pattern beginning when eSign Balance and Stamp series balance reaches 50% consumption, 75% Consumption, and daily notifications for 3 days when 90% consumption is reached.

In case, a low balance threshold has been set in the billing section notifications will be sent only on the defined parameter.

For subscription notifications:-
  1. Yearly subscription holders will be notified 30 days, 15 days and daily from 7 days before Subscription expiration.
  2. Monthly subscription holders will be notified daily from 7 days before their subscription expiration.

    Contacts can be added as shown previously.

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