Running a workflow - Spreadsheet

Running a workflow - Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet workflow is a way to send out invitations in bulk using a spreadsheet upload without having to repeat the dashboard process for N number of documents.


Note: spreadsheet upload is only applicable for Template configured Workflows


  1. Go to Leegality Dashboard screen and click on ‘Workflow’ in the Work Station


  1. From the list of workflows available in the workflow screen hover your mouse on the actions drop down of the relevant workflow profile and click on ‘Download excel template’

The spreadsheet contains every variable field pertaining to the template and workflows.

The excel downloaded is a spreadsheet format of the template associated with the workflow.

Each column represents information pertaining to the document.

  1. Document Name: Name of the concerned document

  2. IRN: Any internal reference number to be assigned to a document

  3. Field ID (Read from the template): The variable fields are given an ID in the Leegality template engine (You can ignore this cell but please do not delete this cell)

  4. Field Name (Read from the template): This is the name of the variable field e.g. Name, Date, Gender etc.that has been assigned to it while creating the template.

  5. Field Value: These are the values that will be filled in the variable fields to form the final document. This is an equivalent of a user filling in the template in the sending journey.

  6. Invitee Name/Email/Phone: These will be as per the number of invitees added while creating the workflow and will form the recipients of the signing invitation

(Note: Each row represents a separate document: meaning row 1 pertains to a single document that needs to be sent 1 set of people and row 2 pertains to a document to be sent to a different set of people with different information.)

The process can be replicated for N number of documents

The above comparison shows how the field names (in red) and input fields (in green) are captured in the spreadsheet

Sending a spreadsheet for Signing


After completion of the spreadsheet follow the below steps to send your invitations

  1. Go to workflow screen & click on the actions drop-down of the concerned workflow and click on ‘upload’

  1. Upload the excel sheet

Upload the filled excel spreadsheet here

And you’re done. All invites specified in the Excel Sheet have been sent simultaneously - with the configurations set in the Workflow Creation Stage.

All the settings that have been configured while creating the workflow will be applicable to the invitations created using the spreadsheet workflow.

Once the file has been uploaded you will be redirected to the Workflow Details Page where you can track the status of the file upload and download invitation status reports.

The details page gives you access to records pertaining to both dashboard and excel enabled workflows.

For excel upload:

  1. Success
    Details page allows you to download 

    1. Input File: Which is the file uploaded by the user

    2. Output file: After processing the excel sheet Leegality created an output file which contains the following information

      1. Document Name

      2. IRN

      3. Any document/excel level error 

      4. Signing URL for every successful invite sent

      5. Invitee specific error 

    3. Status reports: This will generate a real-time status report of the workflow which will contain the following information

      1. Document Name

      2. IRN

      3. Any document/excel level error 

      4. Signing URL for every successful invite sent

      5. Status of the invite

      6. Sign status

      7. Invitee specific error 

  2. Failure
    In case the workflow fails due to an error in the spreadsheet upload the details page will give you a failed status along with the cause of failure

Details page containing information regarding the processed workflows (Spreadsheet/dashboard)

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