Self Upload (Stamp Paper)

Self Upload (Stamp Paper)

Self-upload is the process of uploading the stamp paper (by you - the user) which will get affixed to the document.

Self-Uploading a Stamp

  1. On the Homepage of your Dashboard, press the “New Document” button on the top-left

  1. Upload a pdf document or select a template document that you want the stamp paper to be affixed to

    Note: This needs to be done before the stamp paper has been uploaded otherwise the saved stamp paper data will be lost.

  1. Toggle on the “Upload stamp” option - a side menu will appear on your screen

    1. State: Enter the name of the State for which stamp paper will be uploaded and affixed to the document.

  1. Denomination: Enter the value of Stamp paper that has to be affixed to the document.

  1. First Party Name: This would be the name of the party between whom the agreement is being signed. It can be specific(Organization name) or can be generic as the First party.

  1. Second Party Name: This would be the name with whom the agreement is getting signed or can be kept as generic according to the use case like Second Party, borrower, etc.

  1. Serial No.: This is the unique identification number that is imprinted on the Stamp paper.

Note: At least one of the party names should have a specific name.

Side Menu with the required Stamp Paper details to be filled

Sample Stamp paper with the details highlighted

  1. After filling in the required details and uploading the stamp paper pdf, press “Save

  2. Details of the stamp that will be affixed to the document will appear on the screen.

Post successful upload screen

  1. Proceed with the sending journey

  2. On the finalize page of the sending journey - you will see the below document format

The stamp paper serial number will be imprinted on the attached document along with a unique ID generated by Leegality to create a link between the document and the stamp paper.

Additional Information

  1. Once the stamps get uploaded, the self uploaded stamp will have separate series created with Series Number 00

  1. This series will function as a normal stamp series and in case a document created using a self-uploaded stamp expires or is deleted - the stamp paper will be added to the unused category of the 00 series and can be used again later.

  2. In case multiple papers have to be uploaded, we recommend you merge the PDFs using a third-party software and enter all the stamp serial numbers in comma-separated format.

You can also watch a video explaining the Self-Upload process in detail here: Uploading Stamp

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