Face - Aadhaar Esign

Face - Aadhaar Esign

Aadhaar Face eSign Activation

In Account level settings, toggle on ‘Face’ under Aadhaar eSignature as shown below

Sending Journey 

When the document is being created or during the creation of workflow, choose Aadhaar esign and then toggle on the ‘Face’ option

Pre-requisites for Signing 

Aadhaar Face eSign can be used only on Android devices. As prerequisites for using this eSign, ensure the following apps are downloaded from the Android Play Store and installed on the Android device: 

1.  Leegality Helper  
2.  AadhaarFaceRD 

Signing Journey

Open the Leegality Helper app and paste the signing link received via email, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Review the document and provide consent to proceed to signing


The signer will be redirected to Protean for eSigning using Aadhaar Face eSign. Type in your Aadhaar number to proceed to face capture. 

Choose ‘AadhaarFaceRd’ and follow the instructions to capture the face. The app will require the signer to blink to access liveliness. Post-capture, the document will be signed successfully. 

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