Creating a document

Creating a document

To send the document for signing/reviewing click on the “New Document” option.

Clicking on “new document” will lead to the document creation page

Upload document

Click on “Drop multiple files here or click to upload” to upload the document which has to be eSigned.

Choose Template

Click on Templatesto choose a pre-existing template that has to be used for eSigning.

Enable Append PDF Files to Template option to attach additional PDF files to the pre-built templates.

Document name and Internal reference number

Enter the document name and Internal reference number (optional) once the file is uploaded or the template is selected for getting it Esigned.

Choose folder (Optional)

The option “Choose Folder” will help in choosing the pre-existing folder in which the document that is being initiated will be saved.

Stamps (Optional)

Either you can upload your own stamp paper by filling in the details as required or affix the stamp paper to the document by selecting the relevant stamp series from the stamp inventory.

Upload Stamp

Toggle onUpload stamp to upload your own stamp by filling in the required details.

Use Stamp

Toggle on “Use Stamp”  and then toggle on “Use Stamp Series” to choose the relevant stamp series from the drop-down to affix in the digital documentation process.

Group Stamp

Toggle on “Use Stamp”  and then toggle on “Use Stamp Group” to choose the relevant stamp group from the drop-down which is already created and enter the stamp value.


 If the template option is selected, fill variable fields in the template selected.

Note: Toggle on “ Allow first invitee to fill” if the details have to be filled by the first invitee.

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