Creating a document

Creating a document

New Document

On the Home page of your Dashboard, click on the “New Document” on the top-left

Which will take you to the below page:

Upload a document or use a template

    1. You will be taken to the “Create” page. Click on the upload bar and select the document which you want eSigned.

    2. You can also select a pre-existing template by clicking on the “Templates” button on the top right of the screen.

Document name and Internal reference number

You may edit the Document Name and add an Internal Reference Number for easy of accessibility.

Choose folder

You can also select a pre-existing folder in which to save this document .

Choose or upload a stamp paper

    1. If you want to affix a stamp paper to the document, toggle the “Use Stamp” button and select the relevant stamp series from the drop-down menu (How to purchase stamps).

    2. Toggle the “Upload Stamp Button” if you want to upload your own stamp paper.

Fill template fields

If the Template option is chosen fill variable fields in the template selected

    1. You can also toggle on the option for the ‘First invitee’ to fill the template variable fields.

Create a document

Click on the Create Button

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