Fingerprint Capture - Virtual Sign

Fingerprint Capture - Virtual Sign


Affix fingerprint type is the third subtype of Leegality’s Virtual Signature type that allows for users to sign using their fingerprint via a registered biometric device connected to a Windows PC or Android Mobile phone.

How to activate

Account settings >> Department >> eSignature

  1. Activate the “Affix Fingerprint Type” toggle under “Virtual Sign

Configuring Fingerprint Virtual Sign - New document Flow

  1. On the invite page - Select the eSignature type as “Virtual Sign

  2. In the resulting side menu, “Allow invitee to affix fingerprint image” will be toggled on.

For a detailed note on the New document - sending journey, refer to - Creating and sending Invitations to eSign

Configuring a Fingerprint Virtual Sign  - Workflow

  1. On the invite page - Select the eSignature type as “Virtual Sign

  2. In the resulting side menu, toggle on - “Allow invitee to affix fingerprint image” and click on “Save

For a detailed note on Workflow setup, refer to - Creating a Workflow

Signing Journey

Prerequisites for Signing via Virtual Sign - Fingerprint capture

Leegality currently only supports the Mantra MFS 100 Device for fingerprint capture.

Refer to this link: Installation Steps: Mantra MFS 100 Device for the installation steps for Windows OS and Android Devices with respect to the Mantra MFS 100 Device

Note: Fingerprint Virtual Sign is not supported for  Mac OS or iOS.

Signing Journey steps

  1. On the place signature page depending on the Virtual sign types activated for the signer - the user will have to either select the “Affix Fingerprint” option or will be directly led to the Fingerprint capture page.

  1. Once the user has reached this page, Leegality will proceed to detect if the Biometric device has been connected to the system.

Detection Failure Screen

  1. Post successful detection of the biometric device - the user needs to press the “Capture Fingerprint” button.

  1. Based on the detection of the fingerprint via the biometric device one of the following screens will appear:

    1. In case of an unsuccessful capture - the user will have to retry the Fingerprint capture

  1. In case of a successful capture - the user can:

    1. Click on the proceed button


  1. Delete and re-capture the fingerprint

  1. Post clicking on the proceed button, the signer has to check the consent box(es) and click/tap on the “Sign” button.

  1. The Document has been signed.

The signature appearance contains an image of the fingerprint that has been captured.

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