Signature Certificate Verification Settings

Signature Certificate Verification Settings

Signature certificate verification parameters differ depending on the type of digital signature that has been selected that has to be matched with the signer's digital signature certificate while signing the document.

Verification parameter availability for each signature type.

If the verification parameter value that is set by the sender does not match with the signer’s digital signature certificate, the sign gets Failedand Esigns credit gets debited from the account.

In the eSign verification settings, Leegality allows you to configure the following:

  1. The action is taken after there is a mismatch between the information provided by the sender and the details received in the digital signature certificate.

  2. Acceptance percentage for Smart Name Verification

Steps for setting up eSign Verification

Step 1: Go to the Account >> Department >> eSignature

Step 2: Click on the gear icon for the type of sign to change eSign Verification Settings

These settings are only available for the following eSign types:-

  1. Aadhaar eSign

  2. DSC Token

  3. Cloud DSC

  4. NeSL eSign

Step 3: In the resulting side menu, you can select how Leegality will behave after a mismatch for each parameter. Leegality provides the following two options - 

  1. Reject if Failed (Default) - The signature will be rejected if the concerned parameter does not match the certificate details

  2. Accept but Respond with Result - The signature will be successful even if the concerned parameter does not match the certificate details but Leegality will send the result in the API response. Click on Save

Note: Acceptance percentage is applicable exclusively to “Smart Name Verification” where Leegality determines a percentage score on the name fetched from the signature certificate and matches it with the sender input.
The score is then matched against the acceptance criteria and further action is determined.

Now the Esign verification setting has been configured and this setting will be applicable for  running the workflow  or creating the document

The same process is applicable to other digital signature types i.e.Aadhar/DSC/Cloud DSC/Nesl Esign for setting up the verification setting.

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