Check Certificate Verification Result

Check Certificate Verification Result

The signer’s digital certificate verification parameter can be set up while sending the document for different Esign types. Hence, this feature will help the sender to verify the mismatched details with values entered while sending the invitation and the signer's digital signature certificate.

If the signer receives the below message while signing the document, this is due to the mismatch between the information provided by the owner of the document and the Digital signature certificate of the signer.

Steps to check certificate verification result

Step1: Locate the document in the “Expired” or “Sent” or folder under the “My documents” section.

Also, the document can be located in “Failed” under “My Desk”

Step 2: Double-clicking on the required document will also lead you to the details page.

Step 3: Click on the button “View Signature Verification Results” to view the verification details that are configured while sending the document and the signer’s correct digital signature certificate details

Step 4: To view the other signer’s signature verification results, select the signer from the drop-down

Once the signer name is selected, the details of the other signers will be shown with the verification parameters that are configured while sending the document and digital signature certificate values

The “match threshold” option shows the percentage that is set in Signature Certificate Verification Settings before sending the document.

The “match result” option shows the actual percentage match between the configured certificate details and the signer’s digital signature certificate.

If the configured verification details do not match with the signer’s digital signature certificate and the signer gets the below message while signing the document, the invitation for the signer expires which can be reactivated.

Info: To know how to reactivate an expired document, click here

The expired invitation can also be in the “sent” folder if all signers' invitations are not expired.

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