Signature Certificate Verifier

Signature Certificate Verifier

The Signature Certificate Verifier feature allows the sender (Leegality Customer) to configure certain details of the intended signer and compares the details filled in by the sender and the details received in the Digital Signature Certificate after signing.

  • In case, the details provided by the sender match the details received in the certificate - the signature is successful

  • In case, the details provided by the sender do not match the details received in the certificate - Leegality rejects the signature

A Digital Signature Certificate has the below-mentioned details which get verified if the verifier is turned on while sending the document.

Important Note: Leegality’s action towards a verification failure by default is to reject the signature although, you can choose to accept a signature even after a verification failure

Set up Certificate Verifier in the new document flow

Step 1: Once on the Invite page after creating the document.

Step 2: Select the signature type Aadhar/DSC/Cloud DSC/Nesl Esign and click on the "gear" icon

 Aadhaar/Cloud DSC/Nesl Verification parameters

 DSC Token Verification parameters

Step 3: Enter the values for the verification parameter which needs to be verified from the signer’s certificate while signing the document

Note: None of the parameters are mandatory for the certificate verifier to work i.e. you can configure any number of parameters out of the available options for verification

During the signing of the document, if the certificate details do not match with the Digital signature certificate, the signer will get the below error message

Note: If the signing of the document is failed due to the verification details not matching the Digital signature certificate, the Esigns credit will be debited from the account.
If the stamps are affixed, it will be moved to reserve and will be consumed if the signer has signed the documents, else will be credited back to the account.

Set up Certificate Verifier in the Workflow

Step 1: While creating the workflow, select the type of sign as Aadhaar/ DSC Token/ Cloud DSC/ Nesl Sign and click on the "gear" icon

Step 2: In the resulting side menu, enable “Verify details with Certificate Details”

Enable the verification parameter(s) that need to be verified - These parameters will be configurable while running the workflow

You can also mark parameters as mandatory - These parameters will have to be mandatorily configured while running the workflow.

Note: These parameters will have to be mandatorily configured in Esign setting.

Running the workflow with Verification parameters enabled

Once the workflow is configured with the required verification parameters enabled.

Step 1: Run the required workflow and upload the document that has to be signed.

Step2: Enter the invitee(s) email address and Name then click on the "gear" icon for the signature type selected while configuring the workflow.

Once the invitee details are filled, enter the values of verification parameters for each invitee that will be matched with their Digital signature Certificate used while signing.

If the signature has failed due to the verification parameter does not match with the Digital signature certificate, the details can be viewed in Failed under “My Desk”
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