Configuring an Invitation

Configuring an Invitation

Add Invitee’s

Once on the Invite page, you have the option to add any number of invitees to Sign the document.
    1. By default, your details will be added for self - eSign automatically as shown below.
      You can remove your name by turning off the ‘I want to sign this document’ toggle on the top left.
      Other parties whose eSigns are needed on the document can be added by clicking the blue “
      Add Invitee” button.
      1. This opens a blank box with variable name and contact fields where you can enter the invitee’s details.
        The invite can be configured to be sent to:
        1. Invitee’s Email ID
        2. Invitee’s Phone Number
        3. Both

Selecting Signature Type

The signature set as ‘Default’ in the eSignature section in the Department Tab.
The invitee can be restricted to either one eSignature type or can be allowed to sign the document using one of the multiple eSign types.
      1. Each ‘Signature Type’ has its own options that can be accessed by clicking the ‘gear’ icon.

Configure More Options

This tab provides you various options to further modify an individual invite.

Configure Advanced Options

Set Signing Order

A signing order is by default activated which forces a set singular pattern in which the signatures will be activated.
The order can be edited by moving the invitee up and down with the arrow keys.
The Signing order toggle needs to be turned off if not required.

Duplicating Invite

The copy invite button   allows you to duplicate all the invite configurations into a new Invite.
The only thing that needs to be entered are the new invitee details.

Video on how to configure an invite. 

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    • Action Required

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