Consumption History for Esigns

Consumption History for Esigns

This feature will help in fetching the detailed and comprehensive ledger of all Esign transactions. Further, there are several configurations that allow you to get filtered data for your requirements.

“Esign Consumption history” can be viewed or downloaded from the “wallet” section under “account”

Esigns consumption for the account can be viewed or downloaded on the basis of date range and transaction type ( credit, debit, reserve, release).

  1. Credit: When Esign credits are purchased it reflects under “credit” with the date on which esign credits were added.

  2. Reserve: When an invitation for eSign is created, the applicable amount is deducted from the account and kept on hold under “reserve”

  1. Debit: When a document is signed, esign credits that are in reserve get released and debited from the account.

  1. Release: If the invitation is signed, then the esign credits will be released and debited. Also if the document is not signed, within the expiry time set, the Esigns credit will be released and credited back to the account.

Note: In case of Certificate verification is turned on for Aadhaar eSign, Nesl Sign, Cloud DSC, and DSC token and the verification fails, even though the transaction has failed the reserve amount will not be credited back to the sender's account since the certificate and verification have already taken place.

Click on the “download” icon to get an excel report of the consumption history of Esigns

Note: Remark in the excel report will have the details for Esign deduction or on hold or refunded

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Esign Consumption history report

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