Multi Pdf Upload

Multi Pdf Upload


The multi-pdf feature allows the sender to merge multiple pdfs within Leegality instead of manually merging the document using external softwares. This feature also extends to the Leegality template engine where the pdfs can be appended to an existing template in the sender’s Leegality account.

Multi-Pdf Upload - New document Flow

With the activation of multi-pdf -

  1. In case of Upload - the sender can directly upload multiple pdf’s

  2. In case of Templates - Toggle on “Append files to template”, this will enable the sender to upload multiple pdf’s and the same will be appended to the Template that has been selected.

            Note: The template will always remain the first document in the sequence.

  1. Once the pdf’s have been uploaded a box containing the uploaded document will appear

  1. The sender can decide the sequence in which the pdf’s will be merged using the arrow keys next to the relevant documents.

  1. A total of 10 documents totaling 9 MB can be uploaded

Multi-Pdf Upload - Workflows (Creation stage)

  1. In case of a PDF type workflow - Select “Multiple PDF Files” from the “Workflow user can upload” dropdown.

  1. In case of a Template type workflow - Toggle on “Allow user to append single/multiple PDF files to the template

Multi-PDF Upload - Workflows (Dashboard Use)

Similar to the New Document Flow

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