Reviewer Role

Reviewer Role


The reviewer role is a non-signing invitee type where the invitee either approves or rejects a document sent to them.

The purpose of this invitee type is to allow the sender to ensure that there is a review of the document before the same is sent for signing to the relevant signatories.

Activating Reviewer functionality

Before you can use the Reviewer functionality you will need to activate it in the Dashboard through an Admin account. Follow these steps:-

  1. Log into an Admin account

  2. Click on the ‘Account’ button on your homepage

  3. Go into the ‘Department’ tab and then click on the ‘Invitee configurations’

  4. Switch on the ‘Enable Reviewer role for organisation’ toggle

  5. The reviewer button will now be available to every user in your Leegality organization account.

Activating a reviewer role invitee - Sending journey (New Document Flow)

  1. On the invitee card click on Reviewer Role button to activate it All eSign types will be disabled for the Reviewer invitee


In case the sender manually activates an eSign type for a reviewer invitee the invitee will revert to the default Sign type invitee

  1. Choose whether to record the reviewers response in the audit trail generated upon document completion.

  2. The ‘Signing journey options’ function in a similar way as the Signer Invitee type

  3. The following ‘Invitee level options’ are applicable to the reviewer:-

    1. Require invitee to upload supporting documents

    2. Enable security features 

      1. Require '1 - factor authentication' before document preview 

      2. Require '2 - factor authentication' before document preview 

      3. Send document download link with all OTP email and messages 

      4. Capture GPS location 

      5. Capture photo

The information captured for the above security checks will also be recorded in the Audit trail upon document completion in case the ‘Record the reviewer’s response’ has been turned on in Step 3.


Signing order is mandatory in case at least 1 invitee is a Reviewer type

Activating a reviewer role invitee - Sending journey (Workflows)

If the workflow creator has performed the above steps for an invitee in the workflow, that particular invitee will be fixed as a Reviewer type invitee.

Reviewer - Approval/Rejection journey

  1. In case of a notification enabled journey, the reviewer will receive an ‘Invitation to Review’ on their email/phone number

  2. Upon clicking the Review link they will be redirected to the Reviewer journey page

  3. The reviewer can now view the document in order to either approve or reject the same

    1. In case the sender of the document is the reviewer - they will not be able to reject the document

    2. In case of a template document, the “Allow first invitee to fill” toggle was switched on, the reviewer will have the option to fill in the template before proceeding to approve/reject the document.

  4. Upon completing the review of the document, the invitee will click on the Proceed button

  5. The reviewer will have to go through the invitee level options turned on by the sender (if any) along with a mandatory OTP verification.

  6. Post completion of the invitee level options the reviewer will now have to choose whether to 

    1. ‘Approve’ - Click on the Submit button >> Check the consent box >> Click on Approve Document

  1. ‘Reject’ - Click on the Submit button >> Confirm the rejection

  1. Click on the consent box and click on ‘Submit’ to finish the reviewer journey.

Post review

  1. In case of an approval, 

    1. The next invitee will receive their invitation to sign/review the document.

    2. A notification will be triggered to the sender informing them of the approval.

  2. In case of a rejection

    1. The next invitee will not receive their invitation notification. However the sender can still activate the sign invite manually from the Leegality dashboard.

Audit Trail

  1. In case the sender toggled on the ‘Record reviewers response in the Audit trail’ the Audit trail for a completed document that has been approved/rejected will contain the Reviewers response in along with the verifications completed. 

  1. In case the toggle is switched off - Only the record of sending the invitation is recorded in the audit trail.

Video showcasing Leegality's Reviewer role: Reviewer | Leegality Showcase

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