More Options

More Options

This tab provides you various options to further modify an individual invite.

Retry attempts

You can mention the number of attempts you want the user to take in case of Aadhaar eSign failure in authenticating Aadhaar Number. This field is not applicable for any other modes of eSign.

Don't allow the user to edit name

This toggle if turned on does not allow any user (signer) to change their name in the signing journey.

Toggle Off

Toggle On

Don't add user name in Signature Appearance

By default, the signer’s name configured during the invite or entered by him in the signing journey is place inside the signature box
This toggle offers you the option to remove the same if required.

Toggle Off

Toggle On

Require Organisational Signature

An organizational signature is a digital replica of a rubber stamp that surrounds your electronic signature.
You can enter the name of the organization of the signer and in what capacity they are signing the 
document or allow them to upload a custom seal.

If this toggle is turned on and an organization name is not entered, that will allow to the signer to put in an organization name. that will appear on the seal.

Supporting Documents

You can mandatorily require the signer to attach certain documents to be attached while signing the document.
A name has to be provided for every document that is added in the list.

In the Signing journey

e supporting documents can be accessed by the sender (Leegality user) only in their dashboard.
    1. Go to your completed (link) documents folder.
    2. Hover your mouse on the drop down against the relevant document
    3. Click on the attachments button

      You will have access to the list of documents attached by the signer

Advanced Authentication

Additional parameters for further identification can be configured to make the Signer identification more robust.
    1. Enforce Authentication: Forces the signer to enter an OTP before viewing the document which is sent to their configured contact details.
    2. Send Raw Document URL with OTP verification message: A link to the raw pdf document will be sent in all the OTP verification email’s/messages.
    3. Capture GPS Location: The signer will need to allow access to their location coordinates before being permitted to sign the document. The GPS coordinates captured will be reflected in the audit trail.
      1. In case of a PC - the co-ordinates are collected using the Internet.
      2. In case of a phone/tablet - the co-ordinates are collected using the Phone’s GPS device.

        In the Signing Journey

    4. Capture Photo: The signer will need to allow access to their camera for a live photo capture. The signer will not be allowed to sign the document until live photo capture is completed.

      In the Signing Journey

Send email notifications

Email notifications are on by default and can be toggled off if not required. Hence, the signer will not receive a notification for Signing link, OTP and completed document on their email.

Send Phone Notifications

Phone notification are on by default and can be toggled off if not required. Hence, the signer will not receive a notification for Signing link, OTP and completed document on their phone number.

Custom URL:

  1. Base URL: Provide the URL where you want the user to be redirected on clicking the Back button during the transaction.
  2. Re-direct URL: Provide the URL where you want the user to be redirected on completion/rejection of the transaction

Custom Consent

A custom consent can be added in the signing journey along with the default Leegality consent which can contain further Specific consent requirements to be agreed.

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