Signing Journey Options

Signing Journey Options

“Signing journey options” are to further modify the signing journey for all the invitees. 

By using “Signing journey options”, the sender of the document can: 

1. Set the expiry of the document

2. Send a custom message with an invitation

3. Enclose the attachment with the document being sent

4. Enable auto-deletion of the documents 7 days after completion

During the document/workflow is created, on the invitee page click on “Signing journey options” which will lead to the side menu containing all the signing journey configurations.

“Set expiry of signing link” allows you to set the expiry timeline of the document.

Note:  An invitation to eSign is valid for 10 days by default.

  • The minimum expiration time is 45 minutes which can be set by entering '-1'.

  • “0” Days expiry means the invite will expire at 11:59:59 hours of the sent date.

  • Greater than 0 any number entered represents the number of days the invite will be valid. 

Note: Expiry days can not be set greater than 365.

Once the document is expired, the email/SMS notification will be sent to the signer.

Note: Document expiry notifications are sent 3, 2 & 1 days before the documents expire.

Enabling “Send custom message with signing link” allows you to configure a custom message that will be sent in the signing invitation.
Note: This message will go in the invitation email for all signers and reviewers.

Email invitation triggered to the signer with a custom message

Delete document on completion

Toggling the option “ Delete document on completion” will result in your copy of the document being deleted from Leegality’s servers after the duration configured in this setting.

Note: This option can be enabled from the document settings.

Upload reference attachments for invitees(<5mbs, PDFs)

“Upload reference attachments for invitees(<5mbs, PDFs)” allows you to add attachments to documents being sent to the invitee which can be accessed by them in the signing journey.

  1. On the Invitee Configuration page, select Signing Journey Options on the bottom right.
  2. Then toggle on Upload reference attachments for invitees.
  3. Upload the Reference attachment and give it a suitable name.
  4. After the reference document is selected click Upload button to attach the reference document.

Note: Reference documents should be less than 5MB.

Add Reference Attachments after sending a document invitation

You can also add reference attachments to a document even after sending the invitation to eSign the document.

  1. Go the the details page of the invitation.
  2. From the Action dropdown, select Reference Attachment option.

      3. In the Reference Attachment pop-up, click on the + Attachment button on the top right.

      4. Upload the reference attachment and click on the Upload button and then Save.

How Invitees can access Reference Attachments in Signing Journey

All invitees can view and download the reference attachment during the signing journey.

To access reference attachment:
  1. Click on the attachment icon (📎) on the right. Here, you will access all reference attachments.
  2. Click Preview to see the attachment and you can also Download it.

 Transfer Completed Document using SFTP

Toggling on “ Transfer Completed Document using SFTP” helps in providing secure file access, file transfer, and file management of signed documents and audit trails.

To read more about the functionality of Secure File Transfer Protocol - SFTP, click here.

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