Advanced Options

Advanced Options


An invitation to eSign is valid for 10 days by default. This time limit can be altered through this option up to a maximum of 365 days.
  1. The minimum expiration time is 45 minutes which can set by entering '-1'
  2. 0 Days expiry means the invite will expire at 11:59:59 hours of the sent date
  3. Post 0 any number entered represents the number of days the invite will be valid. 


A custom message can be added that will go to the Invitee the document as part of the email and/or message notifications.

Delete on Complete

Toggling this option will result in your copy of the document being deleted from Leegality’s servers 7 days after execution is complete.


The invitee can enclose other document(s), which will be sent along with the document that needs to be signed. Note that such an attachment is not eSigned.

In the Signing Journey

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