Template Engine

Template Engine



Templates is a powerful feature that allows users to create documents that can be used for signatures repeatedly. An example use-case of templates is a bank account creation form, which gets created once, but it is used repeatedly for all kinds of new users. 

In this document, we will show you how to create a template and use all the advanced modular features.

Note: Templates can only be created or edited by account administrators and are accessible by other users of the organization account.

How to reach Templates

  1. Go to Leegality Dashboard screen and click on ‘Templates’ in the right menu

  1. Inside the Template screen, click on ‘New template’ button

  1. Dismiss the help screen pop-up

You are now in the Template creations screen

Overview of Template dashboard

The template screen is divided into two parts

  1. Editing tools: Allow you to add dynamic fields, insert elements and format the content of the template.

  2. Display area: Shows you how the template looks like


Overview of Editing Tools

The photo below explains the different rows of the editing tools

Row 1: Placeholders

Row 2: Insert

   Row 3: Formatting

How to create a template

To create a template document, follow this process:

  1. Create ‘Placeholders’ for your template using the options in the topmost row of the editing tool (this document explains the placeholders in more detail in the following section)

  2. Apply applicable tools from the Insert row

  3. Format your document

  4. Preview the template

  5. Make any additional changes

  6. Save the template

Details of the various placeholders

Details of Formatting Option



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