Stamp Inventory

Stamp Inventory

The Leegality dashboard enables you to keep a check on your stamp inventory. It shows the stage-wise utilization of all stamps available in your account.

To check the Stamp Inventory, On your Leegality homepage - Go to “Stamps” under “My drawer”

The stamp inventory section has the following details - 

1. Series Number: Every unique state, denomination & legend is represented by a unique series number. This feature allows you to identify the stamps through a number and will be used at the time of purchasing the stamp or creating the group stamp or while initiating the document

2. Denomination: The value of Stamp paper that is used or will be affixed to the document.

3,. State: The name of the State for which stamp paper will be uploaded and affixed to the document.

4. Total: This shows the total number of stamps that are purchased through Leegality till date.

5. Reserved: When the stamps are affixed to the document, the number of stamps that are being affixed will be deducted from the account and kept on hold i.e reserved until it has been signed. If the document is unsigned, the stamps are credited back to the account upon deletion or expiry of documents.

6. Used: When the initiated document is signed by the signer, the number of stamps that are affixed will be moved from reserved to used category.

7. Unused: This shows the total number of stamps that are left and can be affixed in the document while sending the signing invitation.

8. Blocked: This category shows the number of stamp paper from the list of stamps that are blocked and cannot be used for digital document creation.

9. Process: This shows the number of stamps that are ordered to be used for digital document creation and are under procurement till the stamps get digitized.

10. Expired: This option shows the number of stamps for which the use-by date has lapsed. The use-by date of stamps can be extended for users to keep on using the stamp for digital document creation. Once the use-by date of stamps are extended, the stamps are moved into an unused category.

To Export the stamp details: 

Step 1: On your Leegality homepage - Go to “Stamps” under “My drawer”

Step2: Click on the relevant stamp series row for which stamp details are required.


This will open the entire list of stamp papers that have been procured for that series

Step 3: Select the option from the filter drop-down (All, unused, used, under process, and blocked) and click on the “Export” option to get the details of stamps which include the following details
  1. Document ID

  2. Stamp Id

  3. State

  4. Stamp Status

  5. Denomination

  6. Expiry Date

  7. Blocked

Additional Details

Please find the Sample stamp sheet here.

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