Invitee Rejection

Invitee Rejection

This feature allows the signer to reject the document while viewing the document for signing. 

Activating Invitee Rejection functionality

Step 1: Click on the “Account” option then go into the ‘Department’ tab and then click on the ‘Invitee configurations’’

Step 2: Switch on the ‘Enable Rejection" in Signing Journeys’ toggle  

Configuring Invitee rejection in the new document flow or workflow:

Once the document is created or while creating the workflow, on the invitee page click on “Invitee level options”

Under more options toggle on “Allow signer to reject document in signing journey” to enable the feature for invitee rejection

Also, toggle on “ Enforce message collection in case of rejection” which allows the signer to write the reason for rejection.

Note: Invitee rejection option cannot be enabled for automated sign and Nesl sign

Note: The invitee rejection option works with CC, reviewer, and group invitee feature.

Invitee Rejection Journey

Step 1: An Invitee will need to access their email or phone to eSign or reject the document. The Email invite looks like this:

Step 2: After opening the signing link by clicking on the “sign” option from the email or by directly clicking on the link from the phone.

Step 3: Click on the “Reject” option to reject the document by entering the OTP

Step 4:  Once OTP is entered that is received on email or phone “Proceed to rejection” button will be enabled.

Step 5: Enter the reason for rejection and  click on “Reject document”

The document is now rejected
Note: Once the document is rejected by the signer, the signing link would not be accessible.

Note: Sender of the document receives the below email once the document is rejected by the signer

Note: Signer receives the below email 

Reactivating the rejected document

Step 1: On your Leegality homepage Go to the “Sent” folder under the “My documents” section.

Step 2: Double-clicking on the required document will lead you to the details page.

Step 3: Click on the option “view message” to view the reason mentioned by the signer while rejecting the document.

Step 4: Click on “Re-invite” to reactivate the document for signing.

Once the rejected document is reactivated by the sender, the signer will receive the signing invitation again via email or phone

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