Group Invitee

Group Invitee

Group Invitee allows the sender to send signing invites to a group of authorized signatories. 
Using this feature, anyone or all signers in one group can sign the document,  thus, reducing the dependency on a single signer.

Activating the Group Invitee feature

Step 1: Click on the “Account” option then go into the ‘Department’ tab and then click on the ‘Invitee configurations’

Step 2: Switch on the ‘Enable Group Invitees for organization’ toggle

Configuring group Invitee in the new document flow:

Step 1: Once the document is created, on the invitee page click on the “Convert to group” option.

By default, an additional invitee configuration will appear on the invitee card.

Click on the button “Add invitee in group” to add more invitees to the group.

Step 2: Name the group then configure the “Invitee actions required for Group completion” - this refers to the number of invitees (out of the total configured in the group) that need to sign the document in order for successful completion of the invite.

The threshold can be set Minimum of 1 and a maximum of no. of invitees in the group

Note: The eSign types and Invitee Group level options will be applicable to everyone in the group.

On the Detail page 

When the threshold is set to 1, the group invitation will be completed if any one signer signs the document.

The threshold set for the group can be viewed on the details page.

Invitee Groups are also compatible with the “Reviewer Role” - Read more about the Reviewer Role here

Configuring group Invitee in the workflow:

Step 1: While creating the workflow, once reached the invitee page click on Click on the “Convert to group” option.

Step 2: While running the workflow, on the invitee page configure the invitees/reviewer's details and the threshold will be the same as configured while running the workflow.

Note: Cloud DSC for Group Invitations

Cloud DSC can be configured for Group Invitee

Signing Journey for group invitee

Once the signing invite is sent with the group invitee configured, the signer can sign the document  During the signing journey, the signer can see the group invitees by clicking on the “invitees” option

Proceed with the signing of the document. Once the document is signed by any of the group invitees(depending on the threshold set while configuring the group invitee), the document gets completely signed.

Once the document is completed, the signed document will be sent to all configured invitees in the group.

Note: If the threshold in the group is set as 1, the invitation for other signers gets expires once anyone signer signs the document.

Additional Resources

You can also watch a video explaining the group invitee process in detail here: Group Invitee

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